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  1. Ivan

    General Music Chat?

    Ever heard temple of the dog? It's with the singer from soundgarden and a bunch of other dudes, it's only an album and it's dedicated to a friend of Layne Staley who died from heroin overdose. It's pretty cool. Lately I've been listening to a lot of portuguese rap, it's incredibly good.

    1. TrialByFire


      No! Lets not go Benfica! :P

    2. TrialByFire


      bit late i know but hey :P

  3. Do you have anything revelant to say or are you going to continue to play the "cool kid" part? We get it, you do drugs, awesome. On the subject of soft drugs, I think the problem that most kids are facing is that the drugs they buy aren't natural. It's one thing to smoke completely pure weed, another to smoke this shit that's been infested with other crap. No to mention dealers sometimes slip harder drugs in soft drugs, it's happened to me. Having gone through a hard time because of soft drugs, I can't help but agree with Gerard. It's not like I even smoked all that much, sure it was most weekdays but the quantity wasn't huge. However, it left me some serious scars, anxiety issues, insomnia, a bunch of things. It's because I suffered though that I managed to stop, maybe if none of this happened, in a few years it could be a lot worse. I smoke a couple of cigs a day and a few drings friday nights but no drugs anymore or anything like it. Even moderatly, smoking has also affect me a bit, my physical shape has been worse. Bottom line, I don't blame people who do soft drugs, however keep in mind that the risk is not worth it. I know for a fact, for example, that 17-20 years old who don't even smoke all that much drugs, can suffer from a mental problem. You do not want that. Sure you see those rastafari dudes who have been smoking for 50 years and are okay, but the same might not happen to you. And like I said, the risk is far too big.
  4. Ivan

    Your most favorite racing games?

    I've never been all that into the genre but the Midnight Club games were a lot of fun.
  5. Sad to have finished Cowboy Bebop...

  6. Ivan

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Fooling around with my stormcloak Nord, done a lot of sidequests but I haven't even been to all the major cities, it's incredible how big this game is. I've been using 2 swords/ archer and the combat is quite satisfying. As far as skills are concerned, I'm really great at speech and lockpick, two skills that have been really useful so far. I use light armor most of the time but I have found some orcish armor and it's awesome, so I may be changing to heavy. I only did the first Dark Brotherhood quest and 3 or 4 from the companions, but I've helped Ulfric quite a bit in the civil war quests.
  7. Ivan

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Been playing this all day, loving it so far, improves on Oblivion in so many ways. Still, there's so many things to do it's almost overwhelming. Having played Oblivion and Morrowind before I can tell you that knowing certain events in the past are sorta important so you can fully understand some references the game makes, but the most important thing is context. I'd say it would be wise to just read a bit about some races and stuff, before playing, but if you don't it's cool anyway, not a major thing at all. It's similar to fallout yeah ( the engine and quest structure is alike) but it's quite a diferent experience in the end, personally I'm a bigger fan of Fallout. Nate is right about the mods, PC would really be the best. I've seen some mods for Oblivion that are better than any DLC being put out there by real producers, it's amazing shit.
  8. Ivan

    What are you listening to right now?

    Love Mark Lanegan on that cover^^^^ Anyway, been marathoning Henry rolllin's spoken word shit these past 2 days, brilliant.
  9. Ivan

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    Hey, I have an idea, let's talk about GTA V. Jace, if that info ends up being true, it's amazing.
  10. Ivan

    TERRORIST are invading ENGLAND

    Judging from what your own people did to your country, I'd say foreigners aren't so bad in comparison. But seriously man, learn some respect. You're gonna hurt some decent people with that attitude.
  11. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    Are the batman games cool for people who aren't really into the comics/ movies? Anyway, playing Fifa 12 aswell, trying to get Nottingham Forest back into their glory days.
  12. Ivan

    Favorite Movies

    Ever saw the film "Good" with Viggo Mortensen? It's a great film imo about the WW2.
  13. Ivan

    It feels like a long time.

    It's almost movie material! But yeah, welcome TM and everyone getting back on the site, it's awesome to feel all this activity again.
  14. Ivan

    What are you currently playing?

    Drakengard, ain't loving it so far. Expected better coming from the developers of Nier.
  15. Ivan

    Rockstar officially announce GTA V

    No desert then? Guess I'll have to settle for the countryside.... Still, I wonder what they mean by "most ambitious GTA".
  16. Ivan

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    After DH reminded me about this yesterday, I pre ordered it today.
  17. Ivan

    Comic Books/ Graphic Novels

    Only comic I read is buffy xD But seriously, I sorta enjoy manga and would like to read more comics, Frank Miller's got mad style so I've thibking about checking him out.
  18. Ivan

    Favorite Movies

    Tarantino did one great movie, Pulp Fiction, the rest are fun but really only average imo.
  19. Ivan

    Favorite Movies

    Clerks- Kevin Smith Requiem for a Dream and the Wrestler- Aronofsky Scarface- Brian de Palma Paris,texas- Wim Wenders Amores Perros- Alejandro González Iñárritu Garden State- Zach Braff Deer Hunter- Michael Cimino Wristcutters: a love story- Goran Dukic Taxi Driver and Raging Bull- Scorsese
  20. Ivan

    Bully 2?

    Apparently, in an interview with soundtrack composer Shawn Lee, he said he'd be doing the soundtrack for bully 2 in a not so distant future, whatever that means. It's not a confirmation and Rockstar hasn't said anything but I would say it's quite a big possibility, otherwise he wouldn't have said this.
  21. Ivan

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    Vice city? That would be incredible.
  22. Ivan

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    For sale huh? Suddently getting this feeling we're gonna have a true sandbox gta again.
  23. Ivan

    First GTA V trailer is here!

    You see the vinewood sign, it's definitely Los Santos. Also wonder who the main character is, the old white guy or the black dude with tattoos? Story so far sounds similar do Bellic's storyline.
  24. Ivan

    The Office

    Indeed, you can't complain about Ricky Gervais not being funny, he's hilarious. But yeah, I've been watching the american office and I think it's pretty great, the first episode is brilliant.