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  1. i think the easiest is fish in a barrel
  2. woozie2

    another forum

    this time its not a copyrighted name here it is please join
  3. if you do show yourselfs!
  4. woozie2


    whats happened? the boards offline!
  5. woozie2

    Vice City Trivia

    4 star what wanted level do you get when you steal
  6. woozie2

    GTA Unit Forums

    nice site i have registerd
  7. woozie2

    Vice City Trivia

    mr coke? what mission do you kill the street wanabee's
  8. i wanna rock twisted sister
  9. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ is wrong because hijack is one of my best mates on this forum < am glad that hijacks back v is glad hijacks back as well
  10. woozie2

    how to TELEPORT!

    go to the map and put that red marker at a location return to the game then press L3 and R3! then u should be able to teleport to that location PS i got this from edison carter
  11. woozie2

    does anyone here live in norwich uk?

    lol admit it spanny they are crap they are not going up this season!
  12. woozie2

    Our Fantastic Forums

    nice site mate
  13. woozie2


    don't leavee you are my friend i don't want you to leave if yu do make sure you stay on my site
  14. woozie2

    my new gang sig

    rate it out of 10
  15. i think yes it would be soo cool flying from san andreas to vice and vice to liberty
  16. woozie2

    Hey check out my new Sig. Do you Think is is cool?

    8/10 i love the flasy text! do you animated sigs hijack
  17. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ has got msn or aim < is a drive by shooter v is gonna be a drive byer as well
  18. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ needs to learn how to spell shitty and ass < is an eastside low rider v likes playing computer games
  19. woozie2

    Milkyboy's graphics

    milky do you do animated sigs? if you do can you do me one with a lowrider bouncing up and down on it. can it also say woozie2 drive by shooter please
  20. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ needs the gimp program < iam am sooo cool dude v is very good at making sigs
  21. woozie2

    another forum

    i'm not making anymore IF sites and if i do i won't advertise them here
  22. i dunno if this is an if forum or not but please join anyway
  23. woozie2

    The ^<v Game

    ^ is wrong cos i is as dumb as a dog < is bad at spiiling tests v is also bad at spelling
  24. woozie2

    Google Member

    what is it? its too small