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  1. catalina will win shes the craziest bitch ever and denice is just a total wimp!
  2. ^ wants a ford mustag with hydraulics < does'nt want a chrysler because they are very ugly v wants to join spank central
  3. don't forget the cubans, love fist, and his own gang too
  4. yeah that would be cool and you could find out more stuff about CJ
  5. tommy because he survived 15 years of prision and he killed the boss of the forellis and carl only beat frank tenpenny!
  6. blades are so cool because you can see lots of blood
  7. do it it would be so cool. as i really like to bet
  8. woozie2


    i live in the uk and kang you're right it is very sunny today
  9. yo hijack i'll be your mate bro and be sure to join the subuzi family mafia!
  10. cj would win sweets afraid of shooting guns and ballas!
  11. thts is so obvious its lemar
  12. avatar 1/5 sig 4/5 per seems like a cool guy
  13. avatar 3/5 sig 3/5 personality seems like a nice guy
  14. my fav is staunton cos you don't get shot as much in staunton than in portland
  15. ^is thinking about what spas said <is also thinking about what sapas said v supports arsenal
  16. ^is enjoying his cake <i want some too! v is a member of the dragon stealths
  17. ^is right <is now watching football vis very very tired and is eating cake
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