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  1. whats happened? the boards offline!
  2. 4 star what wanted level do you get when you steal
  3. nice site i have registerd
  4. mr coke? what mission do you kill the street wanabee's
  5. ^ is wrong because hijack is one of my best mates on this forum < am glad that hijacks back v is glad hijacks back as well
  6. lol admit it spanny they are crap they are not going up this season!
  7. don't leavee you are my friend i don't want you to leave if yu do make sure you stay on my site
  8. i think yes it would be soo cool flying from san andreas to vice and vice to liberty
  9. ^ has got msn or aim < is a drive by shooter v is gonna be a drive byer as well
  10. ^ needs to learn how to spell shitty and ass < is an eastside low rider v likes playing computer games
  11. milky do you do animated sigs? if you do can you do me one with a lowrider bouncing up and down on it. can it also say woozie2 drive by shooter please
  12. ^ needs the gimp program < iam am sooo cool dude v is very good at making sigs
  13. i'm not making anymore IF sites and if i do i won't advertise them here
  14. ^ is wrong cos i is as dumb as a dog < is bad at spiiling tests v is also bad at spelling
  15. what is it? its too small
  16. i dunno if this is an if forum or not but please join anyway
  17. thats because you where a guset and i have it on permisions only members or admins/mods
  18. nice site i think it looks great well done gta player
  19. hey its not my site its torenos
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