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    GTA 3 or Vice City?

    I have to say gat3 and i even have to say gta3 is better than sa in most ways
  2. randomman

    Is San Andreas The Best GTA Game Ever?

    gta3 I agree with spas on the matter about sa being out making people like it more when it should be like that
  3. randomman

    The noob forums

    What a pointless random topic this has turned into
  4. randomman

    who would win this gang war?

    Don't post big pointless images. I removed it. Don't be a n00b and re-post it. HMMM i dont get it either *randomman scratches head*
  5. On the internet there is a lack of WD&P forums thats why i made one but should this forum have a seperate WD&P area?
  6. randomman

    Our Fantastic Forums

    I may jopn im not sure. p.s. can we advertise not gta site in the webring?
  7. randomman

    Weird Al Yankovic

    ALL of his songs are great. He's just brilliant isnt he.
  8. randomman

    Word Association

  9. randomman


    Well at least this site has dignity if not members
  10. randomman

    The Best Gang Signatures

    You shouldnt vote for your own gang unless you truly belive there the best
  11. randomman

    Should we have a karma syestem?

    I have to agree with jason on this one
  12. randomman

    does anyone here live in norwich uk?

    Oxfordshire here
  13. randomman

    Can't Use The Forums

    That would have to be someone using the same comp as spas uness some has hacked him
  14. randomman


    Amen it gets really annoying
  15. randomman

    Can't Use The Forums

    Maybe youve been naughty. seriously though this is some sort of glitch that seems to happen on other forums. p.s. congratualtions on your 4,000th post coming up soon
  16. randomman

    Our Fantastic Forums

    1.Your site lookks good and seems to have potential. 2.Personal im not keen on the colour but oh well 3.Your ripping gtaforums' banned logo
  17. randomman


    Why would anyone want / care about that?
  18. randomman

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    I hope they have underground with more stations and even with more than one train line.Make it more realistic than previous GTA's
  19. randomman

    Word Association

  20. randomman

    Three Word Story

    eat so everyone
  21. randomman

    *ruin my wish*

    [seriously]school / schollwork doesnt teach you anything. if you really want to learn something retain it and learn it fast youve got to use the internet[/offofftopic]ive always wanted to say that[/offoff topic][/seriously] Reality hits you in the face and you realise about the real world of learning exept it hits so so hard it damages your brain and you lose your memory and you eventualy die because of brain damaging I wish i didnt always have to type really really long posts.
  22. randomman

    help with vice

    Ah this is some commen glitch try uninstalling it then reinstall ing and if that doesnt work uninstall it and reinstall it but dont select VC radio station. infact to make things a whole lot easier why dont you just uninstall it then reinstall it without VC radio station checked on the install. I hope this helps..... Does it ? Well i hope it has. RANDOMMAN
  23. randomman


    I see bad things for the future............ Oh yeah right. goodbye i knew you a bit and you were a nice person when i met you. Goodbye RANDOMMAN
  24. randomman

    *ruin my wish*

    You got a girlfriend but then she 98 timed you. I wish it was dinnertime
  25. randomman


    No it comes form a long time ago caused by some computer error i think