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    Worst PC

    My PC's on death row. The video card keeps causing a bluescreen and randomly having a spasm causing it to go on the lowest colour mode and the lowest resolution possible. I have a fan that would help the whole computer loads if it didn't keep hitting something. The CPU fan doesn't always start and was banging against something until I fixed it. It won't let me plug in the DVD drive without failing to boot up properly. I have a very good working hard drive that won't be accepted by the computer and the hard drive I'm using is ticking which usually means it's supposed to stop working yet it's been doing it for months... It runs San Andreas at about 25fps max... So, do I win?
  2. You can play with modded cars on multiplayer - I do it all the time on SA:MP. You can't play if you have modded the handling and speed lines of the car though. TBH, I wouldn't boter getting SA just for the multiplayer now. You might as well jst get GTA IV. PS: You can get the NYPD / LSPD style cars for mods. Actually, if you modify the handling lines it doesn't make a difference in SAMP. As with most data files SAMP has it's own preset data that everybody uses which also means cars are handled much differently on it... I know because I put the drift code onto a car and it didn't make any difference in SAMP. The average price for a PC version of the game was around £40. But, considering it's been around for a while it should be much cheaper. Especially if you get one second hand for about £10.
  3. Meh, to me the DLC's look like they suck...
  4. I liked the Boom Boom Pow. I found it pretty funky But yeah, put a ring on it and bonkers annoy me.
  5. I really hate songs that they say is RnB when it is actually pop xO
  6. Ahh.. Soulja Boy is classic Not saying he's the best. But yeah, he's harmless.
  7. San Andreas. Glitzy and scenic. It's the only situation where I'd actually take a photo of a sunset xD
  8. Yay, finally. A modding topic for me. Okay, there are numerous places you can get help on making CLEO mods for San Andreas. I'd try the Coding Bible I and II at GTA Forums. Start off simple. Making cars and stuff is a good start. Get used to making loops and conditions as you'll be needing to master them. Also, try creating a simple actor and making him do a chain of commands. Maybe add a randomization code and a condition to make him do slightly different things each time. You won't be making super duper CLEO mods at first, though. Wait a few months and then start doing bigger things. I'd also recommend downloading other peoples CLEO mods and editing them (don't distribute after, though) and just seeing what you can understand and what you can change. Eventually, you should be able to make simple scripts. My first was simply something that automatically killed CJ every 5 seconds... And now I'm making much bigger mods. So starting off simple is a good way! If you need any help or tutorials, just PM me
  9. Hmm... Shouldn't Futurama be here somewhere? Meh. I can't believe they just stopped Scrubs at midnight for Big Brother Live... I mean, come on! Scrubs was mid-series and the midnight one was the only time when it was uncensored for primetime. I was loving it, now I gotta wake up at the extremely early time of 12AM... Or catch it at 6PM when I can hardly ever watch it... Meh. I'll have to wake up to Gilmore Girls now xD
  10. I noticed there was a songs you like section so I decided for the fellow ranters, that a nice 'Songs you hate' topic would be fun. Just post the song you hate, and why. For me, the song I really, really hate at the moment is Lily Allens "It's not fair". I fall asleep to the music channel and get annoyed from all the songs but that one is the only thing that makes me wanna change channels immediately. And I've even seen it played on both 4Music and TMF xD I've even woken up mid-sleep to change the channel over from that before the song properly started. Which I'm impressed with...
  11. Okay, a lil rant about Beyonce here. Fans should probably just go back to the forum from whence they came. I like Beyonce, but she's really old, outdated and kinda stupid... 1. I diva is not a female hustler. That is the stupidest line I've ever heard. 2. Stop making black and white videos to hide your wrinkles xD 3. Your songs aren't even music anymore. What happened to the RnB? That's how it started out, then it turned into pop (which people call RnB, which I hate) and now it's a rumble of noises with singing over. Honestly, I get the feeling she's just making random stuff to hold on to her carreer when she should just let it fade. Her song 'Put A Ring On It' really annoyed me as there was no 'music' to it whatsoever to me. No tune, just tinny sounds with singing on the top. And it can hardly be called singing. She can still sometimes drop a few good notes but yeah. That song really had nothing to it. Rant over. I wanna make more.
  12. When the guy said "lock on to a target" I assumed this is what he was after... As for the green triangle, I'm not sure about that at all. In fact, in my game, I don't even see a green triangle - maybe because I might have auto-aim turned on or something like that. It's been quite awhile since I've played with any game options. At any rate, I wouldn't doubt the triangle IS hardcoded - similar to the yellow ENEX triangle. Yea, the triangle isn't in the options nor is autoaim. If you have a controller then that's probably the reason for autoaim being on. I wish I could get rid of that damn thing or make it smaller. But I guess that's a whole different topic.
  13. Love the idea. I'd like to be a sa coding expert It'd also give me more of a motive to visit here. Although, maybe I'd be piling to much onto my list of stuff. Not to mention my ADD...
  14. I assumed he meant the green triangle that appears above a persons head when you aim at them... Which is hardcoded. These files are all to do with aiming with a heatseeking weapon (launchers and aircrafts). If the green triangle really isn't hardcoded, please tell me where it is... I've been looking to get rid of that
  15. Perfect Store $'s on your way.
  16. Nice. The only thing I think should change is the 'gangstas' font. Maybe make it a bit more readable?
  17. I think I've ran out of banner ideas. Heres the website: Link The website is going to be redesigned so it doesn't HAVE to match the websites design. It has to have the text: GTA Ganstas I just need something full of GTAness. It can have any GTA's in besides from the 2D ones (Inc the LCS and VCS). Mainly San Andreas and GTA IV. It doesn't have to have them all in though. As much as you can fit without overdoing it I really want this to be the last time I need a banner for a while so I'm hoping for one as good as I can get for 10000 forum store dollars (I don't use them anyway). If I don't choose yours, it's simply because I'm on strict mode at the moment Thanks. EDIT: Meh, I think I was supposed to post in the Trading Stalls xO
  18. It's better to learn the coding and do it yourself. I personally find it impossible to use photoshop to design websites anyway and using dreamweaver is cake. But yeah, if you want to have a successful website you should learn the code. I'm not sure how the program codes but Google arranges websites based on the scripting (as well as other things).
  19. Deji

    Make .cs files

    The program is called Sanny Builder. You will need to install CLEO Library too (it comes with Sanny Builder). You should read some tutorials before you try using it though. The basics are very important.
  20. Either delete all the missions and jumpto's or just search in google for a Stripped Main.scm. That takes out all missions, external scripts, minigames n stuff...
  21. I didn't check the link (my internet's wayy to slow to look at russian sites) but is this it? http://forums.playground.ru/gta_san_andreas/modding/162914/
  22. There aren't any mods that do just that alone I don't think. But my Ultimate CLEO Trainer has the abillity to turn the engine off and on You'll need CLEO and the fxt hook. Instructions are in the download. It's simple really, but if you need help just ask.
  23. Okay, I'm back. The mods I was making are not dead. I am still working on them and they will be released eventually. The only problem is the speed of my computer meaning testing the mods on my pc is impossible. If anyone wants to help test, PM me with your messenger address and I may be able to send you the file for you to test and give back the results. I'll probably post new topics about them when they are released otherwise I'd be causing major bumps. I'm still working on: Vigilante Justice, Furniture Mod, CLEO Trainer and Wreck'em. Yes, they will take a while to release but I haven't abandoned them
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