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    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    Ermmmm.... How is the GameCube better than the Wii? The Wii plays GC games, AND Wii games.... AND NES, SNES, Genesis, TurboGrafx, and I THINK NeoGeo? Oh, and N64. And you can't argue hardware differences, it's based on the same chipset((or similar? I forgot)) Why do you think i said Shitcube Because it obviously fucking sucks.
  2. Antichrist

    Teenager Murdered for Feed his MMO

    The truth. I mean i used to play WoW. I fucked friends off. Bands. My ex(for abit) To play that piece of shit. All i got out of it was mass lag in Ironforge and fucking shitty gold spammers.
  3. Hey man you think you could own Big Smokes mission were you have to follow the train? Fucking piece of shit I've tried about 8 times and can't kill the last two motherfuckers on top. V2 i have. Thanks heaps man! http://gtasnp.com/6335
  4. Antichrist

    Complete Clothing Change

    I love Miller Kid as well. HAHA
  5. can soemone help me with one of avery's missions i always failed at this mission, were you fly the little rc shit....Haha how do i upload the save game so someone can help me. Much appreciated. -Chad.
  6. Antichrist

    Had a thought the other day

    Should have a mass jacket and pull out pistols n shit..But it should show the Shotguns/Machine Guns on your back etc It would be cool if you had to work out to hold higher end guns also.
  7. Antichrist

    PS3 V XBOX 360 V Wii

    Nintendo Shitcube>All
  8. Antichrist


    I'm scared of sharks. Then the shark jumps up and bites him in the ass. I dont want that to happen to me.
  9. Antichrist

    Complete Clothing Change

    Connor, i love you .
  10. Antichrist

    Cars From Previous Gtas

    I'd like to see Sabre Turbo and the Sentinel, Fucking love that car.
  11. Antichrist

    World War III Maybe On It's Way.....

    I do mate. AK is just overall better than the M-16.
  12. Antichrist

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    i used to worship that show. Colin was always my fav. He's fucking hilarious. I don't want much tv nowadays.
  13. Antichrist

    Christmas list halp.

    Manhunt =\
  14. Antichrist

    Big Community Thread

    LOL.....Does the house have a big ass sign that says "Jesus lives here" much like the Jack Daniels commercials. Yeah you wouldn't wanna lay a finger on ya GF, it comes back on ya, not that i would know the worst i did was just scream at her and shit. It's true though Man Made God, Even if it's true he would've had to come from some guys ball sack, or on the other hand if it's fake. Some stoned/drunk Israelite would've fallen over and knocked his head and some cunt helped him out and never saw him again there for he was like ZOMG GOD HALPED ME!?!?! IMO, Religion is pityful. It pisses me off i was watching something on the news and these religious dudes were like give us what we want and we'll make sure god votes for you! Like Tom Araya says "Religion is hate, Religion is fear, Religion is war".
  15. Antichrist


    Haha. The best plan ever. Just make sure you uppercut him in the balls for me man.
  16. Antichrist

    Big Community Thread

    Yeah man, Don't worry about it lol. Nothing can change what happened ah well. Haha Yeah. Did you hear about them dudes in the trench because Judgement Day was coming. Like what the fuck...... I see like my best mates a band practice thats about it and when i'm trashed i need someone to walk me home. Shit man you're more angry then me. Make sure you dont take that shit out on your GF. I know i did..Ouch..That was the end of us lul..Fucking bitch...Hahaha. I hate her so much Just remember at the end of the day....Man Made God.
  17. Antichrist

    Got a good feelin

    March would be sick.
  18. Antichrist

    Four Updated Screenshots

    The build up to this game is like the build up to Dethalbum. Fucking unbearable. But when it's out it'll be the most awesome thing.
  19. Antichrist

    Big Community Thread

    Hey, i'm Chad. i'm 16. I come from a half decent Italian/Australian family, I'm the youngest out of 5 kids. All boys as a matter of fact. 3 passed away when i was young. mum and dad broke up when i was like 4-5. Didn't see him again till i was like 14. I was a prick of a kid. I got suspended heaps, almost exspelled on multiply accounts. I don't have the greatest social life but it gets me by i go out like...Friday, Saturday. Sometimes during the week if i really want to. Mainly i go out to get drunk or to see this chick i fancy. I play guitar for a living in a Black/Dark Metal band called "Daimonion". I fail with girls pretty hard cause i say anything and everything that pops into my head. Like when i was with this chick she goes can someone turn the light off it's hot..i replied...Does this mean i'm getting laid? Unfortunatly it didn't happen LOL. I'm a LeVayan Satanist even though i don't really give a fuck for religion. I'd rather be classed as a Satanist than Atheist or Catholic etc. I dunno why. I'm told i'm angry person because of my music tastes....Hahaha, This is bullshit i'm always happy n shit. Thinking how many different ways i can kill my ex without getting caught. It's pretty genius...Fucking bitch hate her LOL. Anyways thats my 10 cents, Barely anyways didn't even cover early childhood
  20. Antichrist


    What teh eff??? ANYONE would get offended when being called a monkey. And who the fuck has mentioned blacks here? He probably ment "Porch Monkeys". I would get offended if i was black.
  21. Antichrist


    Grow long hair dye it black wear black leather jacket cut Jesus' head off from the closest Christian college They'll think your insane. HAHA What i do is ignore them as much as possible. Then when they've fucked off go about your business but if it's like really doing your head in. you get them one by one and kick the shit out of them.
  22. Antichrist

    Sex Pistols

    Didn't Lemmy record Syds Bass lines cause he was shit or something?
  23. Antichrist

    What are you listening to right now?

    Now You're A Man-DVDA Haha i watched Orgazmo last night.