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  1. I forgot to mention, smoking is what gave my dad the lung cancer that killed him. He even managed to kick the habit right after my sister was born, 16 years before he got the illness. Bad luck i guess, well really bad luck because as far as i can remember he lived a very healthy life. Just goes to show the permenant damage smoking can do.
  2. Ive only tried smoking a cig once, and just remember thinking "what the fuck do people see in this?", i thought it tasted disgusting. So no smoking for me, ill just stick to destroying my body with booze and adrenaline rushes from stupid stunts.
  3. In no particular order; Vice City GTA IV Call of Duty 4 The Thing Bully
  4. Hey all. A few more screens for you. As you can see i have started making a few buildings now. I also tried my hand at making some realistic trees, im fairly pleased with the way it turned out but i think i will have to reduce the polycount, because if i place a load of them together it really starts to lag the framerate.
  5. GTA Eastport City Ok, so i have recently started getting into map modeling, and i really love it, so i decided to start modeling a new city to replace all of VC. Im going for a British style city, based loosely on cities in the north east of England to be precise, i always felt that region has a nice gritty atmosphere which is kind of perfect for GTA. I dont have any completion date set, it'll be done when its done basically, im just going take it steady. Features - A medium sized city + surrounding countryside, maybe a few small towns and villages too. - New player model. - High quality re-modeled weapons. - Cars, i might make new ones, or i might alter some existing GTA cars, or both. - New missions (possibly), not quite sure about this yet, i want to get the map finished before i even think about missions. Screenshots Some generic burnt out cars. Tell me what you think. More screenies soon.
  6. It does looks pretty kickass. I may pick it up next time im in town. btw claude, what are the driving physics like, are they realistic?
  7. Very strange indeed, i know girls usually develope quicker than boys, but being able to have a kid at 9 is just insane. Btw why is her mother going to jail? Did she know what was happening and did nothing?
  8. If people judge me (or anyone) because of some stupid stereotypes or perceptions, without even knowing who i am or what im like, then that just shows more about their own ignorant and negative attitudes towards life. Water off a ducks back to me, i know that im not this "bad person" they think i am, so why should i care?
  9. I found it pretty easy mostly, though some missions were a lot harder than others. Right now im going through the game again with auto-aim off, its a bit more challenging, but im getting the hang of it.
  10. Hahaha. Oh btw i wasnt laughing at the video there, i was just imagining Paris falling down some stairs and breaking her neck.
  11. The British Nationalist Party. For those who dont know who they are, the BNP are a extreme right wing political party in the UK. They claim left right and center that they are not racist/bigots. BUT strangely, the majority of people who vote BNP are racist/bigots, the BNP was founded by members of National Front (an openly white supremacist group), and the BNP have links with a neo nazi terrorist group called Combat 18. So it doesent take a genius to work out that maybe they arnt being entirely honest on their non racist claims. Bastards. Screeming babies on the train agrivates me too.
  12. I think people are judging this way to quickly, we know virtually nothing about the game yet. At least wait for more information before going "waahhh, its gonna fucking suck, i aint buying it!!!"
  13. I have never broken a bone either. But i did once dislocate my elbow, that was very unpleasent.....
  14. Ok, i dont think Voodoo Corpse was talking about a rock themed game, i think he was just talking about radio stations.
  15. GTA would get incredibly boring if it was always gangsta crap. I think R* should do a theme that hasnt been done in other games.
  17. Quick project? They spent 4 years making this. On topic: I dont hate anything really. A few more side missions and activities would be nice, but im finding ways of keeping myself occupied. Pushing old ladies down stairs is always entertaining
  18. NaH bein A adMin SuX. Im gOnna be ThE QuEeN Ov enGlanD AnD theN i Pwn ur ASS!
  19. Horrible. But this type of thing doesent just happen from people re-enacting a fighting game. I remeber hearing a few years ago, some boy accidently killed his younger brother by re-enacting a wrestling move he saw on tv. So yeah, the "JT's" of the world cant really use this as ammo against video games, cos things like this can happen with anything, movies, tv ect. maybe even books?
  20. You got good taste, thats my favorite too.
  21. I think gta 4 is the worst game ever made, R* really fucked this one up heres my reasons 1) why cant you piss on old ladies? cmon r* that would be way more usefull than the shitty cellphone. 2) have a look at this screenshot. see that cloud top right? why the fuck wasnt that in game? its such a huge letdown and btw rockstar, thats false advertising we could sue you for that. 3) why cant you ride on that rollercoaster in hove beach? just image how awesome it would be to watch a 10 second cutscene of the roller coaster going around the track, seriously im nursing a semi just imagining that, ffs sort it out R* 4) What is the point in having beaches ingame if you cant build sandcastles? it makes no fucking sense 5) no clown outfits, wft r*? that was an awesome feature in SA, why would you take it out? i bet rockstar took them out just to piss of fans, they really dont care about us. 6) the graphics are so fucking bad it makes it almost impossible to play. 7) the colour of the wallpaper is fucking horrible in nikos first safehouse, WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING ROCKSTAR!? 8) the ak47s firing rate is 0.0001 seconds too fast. I THOUGHT THIS FUCKING GAME WAS SUPPOSED TO BE REALISTIC!?!?!?! even worse though is that the uzi's firing rate is 0.002 seconds to slow. HOW COULD ROCKSTAR BE SO DAMN STUPID? there is nothing good about gta 4, rockstar have completely fucked us over with this, abismal bundle of congealed semen and distilled piss that they call a game. :pissedred: :pissedred:
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