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  1. It would be fine if rockstar made a gta style mmorpg under a new franchise, but at the same time continue to make normal GTAs, that way everyone would be happy.
  2. It would be horrible. I can just see it now, your quietly trying to do a mission, and then some precocious little troublemaker comes along, kills you causing you to fail, and then says "HA HA, U FAILEDED DA MISSION, ROFLCOPTER!". mmorpgs suck imo.
  3. Not gonna happen (thank god for that), i remember reading an interview with Dan Houser in a ps3 mag, saying that they dont ever want to turn gta into a MMO.
  4. Ah, that means the model is locked by the creator. Theres no way of editing it.
  5. what the hell? thats completely blown my mind. im going to bed
  6. Im going to Center Parcs in 3 weeks time, with my mum, sister and uncle. Then later in the summer we might be going to Scotland for a few weeks to visit relatives.
  7. You need Kams 3dsmax scripts. They allow you to import/export to dff format. It comes with some tutorials too. Download Good luck.
  8. No, you would have to edit the model, thats the only way as far as i know. If you want to do it, try talking to Dr.Dbl-Gee, he does quite a lot of car modeling.
  9. [spoiler}did it work dis time?[/spoonaction]
  10. Tonight theres gonna be a jailbreak
  11. I use good old fashioned "talking face to face" But yeah, i sometimes use myspace but hardly ever anymore.
  12. gtaiv74656, believe it or not some people actually like this game (im one of them), and your exagerated bitching about glitches that are barely noticable is not gonna change their minds. Its quite simple really, if you dont like the game, dont fucking play it.
  13. Desert Fox, what is your age if you dont mind me asking? You seem really young to me.
  14. GTA Second favorite would be Bully.
  15. Very sorry to hear about that, mate. Were you close to your uncle?
  16. Yes i have seen it, i have seen that picture many times before, now what is so funny?
  17. Im sorry but i seem to be missing something, what is so funny about that picture?
  18. Firstly, as far as i know, there are no real paramilitary groups in America. Secondly, the chances of a paramilitary group ever successfully stealing, buying or making a nuke is practically 0%. And thirdly, most paramillitary groups (excluding terrorist groups) arnt bent on killing every living thing in existance. Paramillitary groups are usually set up to overthrow their countries government
  19. Rockstar north because they created GTA. Btw, R* south doesent exist, nor does R* UK.
  20. Thats some sweet work there, man. Cant wait to see the finished product, keep it up
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