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  1. How can some of you not know who he is, Dimitri was a friend of Mikial Faustin and when you killed him he turns on you.
  2. It's pretty good but it seems short, I istened to it for like half a day and eveytime I listen to it again I hear the same stuff.
  3. I am the biggest fan of Chargers, my dream car ever since I knew what a car was, is a 1969 Dodge Charger R/T, now correct me if I'm wrong but that's exactly what this one looks like, the back end looks close to a 69 Charger, and an R/T's grill has a chrome plate in the middle, can anyone else conferm this?
  4. I just got passed this, you usually have to call Dimitri to find out if he talked to Petrovic, try that, then another mission will trigger.
  5. The Beat and Liberty Rock Radio, sometimes the one with Lazlow too.
  6. Thank God!!! I was sad because I just started the game and I read that Roman dies it's fucking awesome to hear that he doesn't have to, thank you lol that makes me so much happier to hear.
  7. I was going to Bohan on that bridge and going downhill in my Dodge Carger (Duke) and rear ended a mini van and all of the sudden the chick rolled out on fire and shortly after her car exploded, thankffully my Charger was ok .
  8. I've been wondering the same, it's hard to see them on the radar because the icon is so dark and small.
  9. Where can you see how much your friends like you??? what % I mean.
  10. Fuckin rights that is amazing with all the money Rockstar is making can you imagine what GTA 5 will look like?!?!?!?
  11. I take these kinds of games to heart for some reason so I do have an emotional connection with them, even when Vlad made me kill that guy and you chose to help him up or kick him down, I accidentally pressed the button to kill him and I wanted to restart my game because of it.
  12. Does anybody here know where to get this car? it's hard enough to find a regular Futo.
  13. The Dodge Charger "Duke" I love that car.
  14. I have pager, how do you download ringers? do you get a new cell during the game?
  15. They talk about that being the heart of Liberty City but they also talked about a different location being the Lungs of Liberty City, I think it was Times Square.
  16. Only big cities I can think of that might work are Philadelphia, Chicago or Detroit.
  17. Wow you're difficult...look at the poll, the last poll question says "Most enoying?", I didn't say it, Dr. Dbl-Gee did...
  18. Why don't you read back dumb ass you think I can't spell annoying?
  19. I was thinking about this tonight, what is the next city or cities to be featured in the next GTA? they'be already shown Miami, LA, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, and now New York, what cities are left? these are just ideas for good ideas. Maybe a better detailed version of either LA or Las Vagas? maybe somewhere like Mafia Philadelphia or even gang Detroit?
  20. I don't have the game yet but i already know what cars I'm collecting. I'm gonna get a red Stallion (Hard Top) and probably one of those hillbilly trucks.
  21. Very nice, come a long way we have.
  22. And how do you turn them on and off and brighter and dimmer for PS3?
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