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  1. If the latex is put in heat, or if there's a hole in it. Then yes your a daddy now. There is no chance. It's if you wear it on properly and not fuck so hard.
  2. Husky

    Saints Row 2

    Gah!! When I get a 360. Okay here's a crazy story. When i went to the mall to buy SR2 for the PS3. You know the collectors edition. I ended up with the USB Card , Map , Money Clip , and Two Saints Row Video Games. lol. I didn't get the tin can. So when I get a 360 this Christmas or sooner. I'll hit you up. Thats because I'm trading in the PS3 version in for the 360. Does anyone know where to get the original saints row? SR1?
  3. Well if you use a condom the condom will break. Plus its not 100% to protect you from aids or pregnancy. PROBABLY.
  4. Holy Crab! You got Flight Simulator 10 (X) ? Man I can't wait to see you on Multiplayer. Btw you fly very professional. Whenever I try taking off with a big ass plane like that I end up running into the end of the runway or just flying into the ground.
  5. Fucking a pizza's worth it than getting aids.
  6. Because deep down you're hoping Urbanoutlaw has a big damn pot of boiling water & lots of butter! Ironically, I find minature crabs all over me every day. I'm hoping Bear can get that big crab and scare my Crabs away.
  7. Husky

    My First Car!

    Naw, naw Sherman. Its being modified now. Not for racing actually. The engine is getting replaced with a new one. Since the current one has just been sitting there. Plus at Chris's post, I just don't like Manual. I drove my friends car and stalled the shit out of it. Anyway the Rl is going up for inspection after the new engine and trans is installed. Oh and did anyone know that the stock sound system for the car is Bose?
  8. I find it wierd that some members make about 1,000 post a year. But TNF made about 2K in about one year.
  9. Husky

    My First Car!

    I only use manual in video games. But manual for actual driving is a pain in the ass. :/ Its okay, but I'm just a lazy ol' bastard. Edit: btw It doesn't have the shift stick anyway so err.
  10. At flaiming n00bs? I am good, I'm just too scared to do it.
  11. Husky

    My First Car!

    Wut!? Manual! Fuck no! The transmission craps it self. I mean it just doesn't work properly. The engine needs to be changed. Do you think its a bad idea to change it to a faster engine on a 13 year old car?
  12. Don't delete me on PSN. I'm a fucking moron to accedently forget my PS3 in my other house. IN AMERICA. Not Jamaica.

  13. Do you guys remember Midnight Club? Well I'm playing Midnight Club: Street Racing. Its the first Midnight Club to come out.
  14. Do you really have all of those games on your PC?
  15. Shout Boxes are terrible! I'm just saying a shoutbox will make TGTAP look like shit. Shit boxes will increase the amount of spamming and flame wars. So the closes thing to a shout box is a PM. Almost every website I've joined had a shout box. I'm always one of the people to get banned from there.
  16. Husky

    My First Car!

    No, Infiniti is a high end brand of Nissan. Despite the Infiniti QX56 looks and drives the same as the Nissan Armada.
  17. Yes I do blame the developers. They bend to the dollars of Nvidia, ATI and Radeon etc.. They can make pixel shading an option but don't. A perfect example of this is "Battle Field Heroes" a free online, free to play game. But corporate influence shows that they are money driven and not working on how to make a better game or in the users best interests. After a loooong download, if your card in not pixel shader compliant the generic error message pops up there is something wrong. Researching the issue you are left on your own to find that you are missing the needed pixel shader and you should buy the Nvidia card hosted on the web page. I don't expect people to stay in the stone age but this; "I bought a Bates 3000 and 15 minutes ago they upgraded to the Bates 4000 and in six months the 9000 will hit the shelves." -- Reference to "Onion News" movie. is for the birds. @maj212; I do too. I play a lot of online web games and I can play my Guildwars without graphic hassles. But there may be a day where I plug into GW and find out I need the newest video card. I am 15 and I am not hurting for money. I just don't like how the greedy corporations play people like fools. Don't you know that the Mac Book wheel is just a parody? That video is not real Toonskull. When I first saw it I thought it was real, but who would pay 5,000 for a PC that runs for 30mins and then recharge?
  18. WTF do you think i'm using? can i put mods in the game if i'm playin it on PS2?...its PC damn it...and if you think that u can insult me like that..without a reson..well i can do it too fucked ass..."oops typo" Actually, yes you can install mods on the PS2.
  19. Husky

    My First Car!

    WRX - I totally forgot about the year, its a 1996. Ah, my parents just throw me random gifts, like that sidekick I was complaining about last year. Steam - From what I've heard the mechanic say, it goes from 0 - 80 in about 17 seconds. Very, very slow. So thats why I'm just going to change the transmission. Chris - Acura's are nice and Honda's are the top ranked vehicles. I don't know why though. Acura's are basically for the Middle Class. Sherman - I might change the rims, they do look kinda hideous. Who thinks about the paint?
  20. Hey faggot_soilder, what platform are you using? oops typo.
  21. Husky

    My First Car!

    Hey guys,you probably won't believe this but my dad just came home with a present.The car keys to my first car! For passing my grade and staying out of faguliciouse trouble. just now at this moment at this time, he just bought me a Acura R.l 5.30 . It's perfect for a first time drivers. Let me point out what its got: - Everything is stock except the radio, and engine. - Brand new leather seats - Clean Carpets - New windows - New Engine - New Tires. Man this car is freek'n sweet!!! I havn't driven it yet. But its back in the Acura dealer for repair. The only thing thats messed up about it is its automatic trans-mition, brakes and lights. Man this is the greatest moment of my teen years. By the way here's a picture: This car right here in this pic is not my car, I got it off of wikipedia. Well Husky's version of the car is the same colour, well everything that I've just said looks like this. When I get a hold of my car I'll post a picture of it in the correct topic to post your vehicle. Yay no more asking for mom and dads car keys! Let me know what you think K thx bai!!
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