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  1. For Christs sake. It's called google.com, shit here is your answer. penis
  2. Grand Theft Auto IV online for the Playstation 3 sucks, who agree's with me?
  3. How would you feel if you was walking into your class and I pop out of nowhere. And just came and bitch-slap the shit out of you in-front of your desk, with a dildo.
  4. If you are afraid of loosing your virginity then try this method of " Feel's Just Like it " masturbation. Step #1 - You go to the grocery store, and go to frozen foods and look for small frozen pizza packs. Like Red Baron, Tony's , Digorino's (Don't pick the pan pizza). Step #2 - Heat up the pizza, remember the cheesiest pizza feels the best. Make sure you don't heat it up until it burns you. Step #3 - Take the pizza when its cool and rap it up around yo penis. And then just jack off like your masterblading. And that's how it feels like during sex. Some kid told me thats what it feels like. So... I do this myself. And I have no shame telling the whole world. Edit: Celeste's Pizza's feel better.
  5. This topic makes the game look gay. But hell no, what Dominican gangster would be doing walking around the streets fucking people with dildo's? Seriously Rockstar cut out the rest of the sex toys from San Andreas and just left you with a Dildo. So what I'm saying, no.
  6. you see me ass a random dumb member!? Aww man. Well see ya later man. k thx bai!

  7. ...even if I throw those GTA Missions in your face? I promise you that they're coming soon. Im getting the things together. I try to be less annoying. :/

  8. Husky

    Saints Row 2

    Volition didn't make me want to hate Julius enough to kill him. Hell the game would of been better with the " Choice " thingy they do in GTA IV. But hey does anyone have The General's Hounfor (Six wheeled limo) from the Sons of Samedi?
  9. Hiya Chris, can I ask you a question? Umm what will make me banned? Will you ban me if I f$% up?

  10. There is a fail that most people would be looking for is what I was looking for. Well Niko Bellic 3, is a complete win imo. I just love the ending.
  11. Alright. I'll do some searches. I'll ask RayBob if he can give me some assistance with newegg.
  12. Do you know a popular store or a website that can send me PC parts and specs Spaz?
  13. Fuck it, I'll just go into Best Buy and buy a nice PC and switch out the gfx card and just add RAM. Edit: But who gives a fawk about the exterior? Screw Alienware, I just realized that I'd be paying for a pre-built PC with the same specs with a different case.
  14. Jace - So what you mean is just buy a regular cheap computer for $500 from Costco and then switch the PSU and Mother board? ...and other specs.
  15. Midnight Club: Los Angeles Nikolai: I bet you at the race then, looser Player: Why don't you save your breath for your inflatable girlfriend. .... Toshi: You will drink my dust! Player: What? Its eat my dust, moron.
  16. Nope HarwoodButcher got banned. So uh IF ANYONE WANTS TO JOIN, Please contact me via PSN. Or email.
  17. Husky


    I've heard of runscape, but its shit now.
  18. So some of you are saying that Alien sucks? What I've said in the post, I don't care if they're overpriced. 3,000 is cheap enough to me. And no, i'm not the type of person who would just build a PC. I would just upgrade the desktop myself. If the video card is worn out. I'd buy a new one and install it in. Instead of turning it in for upgrades. Steam what do you mean the desktop's will fall apart. The Badge on GTA IV says works Best on alien ware :/
  19. I don't know why but everytime I visit the Grand Theft Auto:IV website I always look at the PC section. But for the first time I noticed the " Works Best on Alienware " badge. So I took the best half hours of my life and saw the hot and sexy looking alien PC... the Area 51 750i Desktop Gaming computer. Like what the fuck! It's real nice from the exterior. I'm not posting this topic just because I love the exterior but the specs are wow. But when I was chatting with Huckleberry Pie I asked him, should I get an Alienware gaming PC. Huck suggests Falcon Computers. Even though I never heard of them I'd rather get a computer Alienware and Falcon are selling. Other than being a total dumbass buying a shitty Dell for $6,000 and calling it a gaming PC. Well I really don't know what to choose. Alienware or Falcon. What are your suggestions or opinions about those both? Please I don't want to hear about any other companies only if they have better performing PC's. By the way here's a link of the computer I'm talking about: http://www.alienware.com/products/area-51-...ode=SKU-DEFAULT Whats better? Falcon, or Alienware?? - Also before you post. I don't really give a crap about the price's. Really my wallet's fatter enough.
  20. You didn't see the letter's in Alderney?
  21. Dirty Harry, you need a bitch slap.
  22. Holy shit at the girl. Damn is that your sis? Or your girlfriend? She's probably your sister.
  23. Oh shit, we have some more gang members on here. Well what about CJ? He should be Urkel.
  24. I fuck'n lol'd when Sam said " Hey there Boiiii!! "
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