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  1. ... oh and nice fireplace dude ^^

  2. You see? I hade a feeling that GTA IV for the PC would f*** us in the ass. ><

  3. ROFLMAO. Nice comment to Chris lol.

  4. OK :P how can you crop on paint??

  5. Barack '08 Dude!

  6. No i mean what do you use to take the picture?

  7. oh but how did you do that google thing? How did you do it your way? I liked it its funny. :)

  8. I gave you a 3 this rating thing sucks balls.

  9. Yo siggy is a spoiler... SPOILER!! :)

  10. Stole avatar from my post! :( eh but who cares.

  11. I would jack off to your sighnature if it was an animated GIF. lol

  12. 180,738 scanned files

    48 Infected Objects

    9 Adware.

    Thank you Thomas your advice really help me allot you are the best!

    ***** r8ing!

  13. Hope your not one of those members who are just here for the GTA downloads. You seem like a nice guy.

  14. Can u send me sum tewn porn lol

  15. Boom! Head Shot! lol

  16. Will play you on GTA Sa-Mp

  17. Husky

    Im your pet.

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