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  1. Hey Chris, some of the things on the main site are unfinished. Like the characters and things. You mind if I finish them for you?

  2. Maybe he was.. lol. I really didn't notice the topic was old. And there's a simular topic just like that one.

  3. Spaz, thanks for the signature I like it a lot lol.

  4. What are you talking about?

  5. 'Sup Urban! I'm getting a Elite next month (depends on my progress report)! So I've been in GameStop and bought myself a 12 month paid subscription.

  6. What? Its a summer house dum dum. :P

  7. Don't delete me on PSN. I'm a fucking moron to accedently forget my PS3 in my other house. IN AMERICA. Not Jamaica.

  8. you see me ass a random dumb member!? Aww man. Well see ya later man. k thx bai!

  9. ...even if I throw those GTA Missions in your face? I promise you that they're coming soon. Im getting the things together. I try to be less annoying. :/

  10. Hiya Chris, can I ask you a question? Umm what will make me banned? Will you ban me if I f$% up?

  11. Thats good, I had mine hacked before. But hey lets hope that I can play my PS3 online when I get back.

  12. Is it me or can the PS3 become addictive? (I am asking this because of your exams)

  13. Hey man, watch out for your personal messages soon.

  14. Husky

    wtf? You joined in the beginning of last year and already have 4,000 posts. By now you should already have 2,000

  15. Do you like fish dicks? I mean sticks?

  16. Yo, I was watching this movie called: The Happening. Did you know Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories made a cameo appearance in there?

  17. Your PC case is awesome. Where and how do you get it?

  18. Husky

    What I told you so! Well I'm just surprised alot and man I'm not going to get carried away and look like a dick and saying you where wrong. Well, I hope you will enjoy the game.

  19. Husky

    Hey there, you said that urine doesnt come out a vagina. Lolzor, so where does it come from??

  20. Hey what happend to my favorite Forieghn friend?

  21. Rockstarrem, did you Permanently bann Harwood Butcher? Is he even coming back??

  22. Is that signature you made for me have a little bit of transparent in it?

  23. Your signature is so true.

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