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  1. Dude I seen that LaD XBOX 360 Elite. Dude! Are you using it like for playing games? Or just put it in a glass case with the case entitled " Don't Touch ". Dude you are a lucky man. I just have to say this to you man. YOU are very very lucky. Cheers Chris :)

  2. Husky

    Hey Raymond, when I get my Playstation 3 from the ananymous country, can we see whats the diffrence between the Comet and the Infernus. btw If The Lost and Damned comes out for PS3 will you get it?

  3. what the hell is he banned for?

  4. 3rd person least likely to get laid... Do you guys do it like, first place gets the prize thingy?

  5. Oh nothing, really just some regular teenage shiznet. Hooking up with loads of Carolina Hookers! Do' homie. lol

  6. I dunno, I seen your post in the gang topic saying you havent seen me for a full week. I just thought ya wanted to hang out. (on the pc)

  7. 'Sup dude, was you looking for me?

  8. Yo whats the problem? Where's my reward??

  9. Hey there, you play Midnight Club 2?

  10. Husky

    Nice new signautre Ray.

  11. lmao. Im loving the new avatar.

  12. Does anyone know how Claude-Speed got banned?

  13. Can u cum without jacking off or getting a blowjob?

  14. How'd he get banned??

  15. Yay! About time you've bought a PS3! Nevar get a Wii D:

  16. Numba one in da hood G!

  17. Nice Saleen looking car for your favorite drifter. Looks awesome. I wish I knew how to mod the PS2 version of San Andreas

  18. Shirley Temple fanboi :P Looks AWESOME :D

  19. Hey look. I found GTAVCS.com and its not linked to tgtap. lol weird http://gtavcs.com/

  20. Will you go out with me? Or Chris? No wait 4get chris...

  21. Arrgh!!! Every day I take a look at the " Who's been on line in the past 24 hours" I always see yo name next to ma name! LOL I see you here almost everyday dude.

  22. I got my PS3 taken away so my dad can play GTA4. what a artard. Just letting you know. Peace

  23. What do you mean by saw it coming?

  24. Husky

    I lol'd at Harry's post. Everybody loves Raybob which sounds like the TV show Everybody loves Raymond.

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