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  1. You can get a much better card for 150 dollars than a 3650. Even if it does have 1GB of video memory, a 4850 with 512 memory would be better I think. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814125238 There is the card I am getting, for 15 more bucks you can get a card which is substantially better. also, don't quote me on this, I have menial knowledge in this stuff, but still enough to get around -Also you can get some good quality Corsair ram for 40 dollars. I got 2GB for 40 dollars, but mine is only DDR2667.
  2. Same card as I have currently. Yeah I did notice as I did try to find if someone would consider it as a good card or not. As many games are just above it in minimum or recomended requirements. Yeah, it barely plays TF2, but it does play Counter Strike source at 150+ FPS at high. It plays HL2 at a good FPS aswell. It wont hold up up with the upcoming games though.
  3. There probably will be an option for that in the PC version this november.
  4. I think Casual is the maroon shirt and jeans, so I voted casual. Best clothes, next is tracksuit. (I feel like Jason Statham in the tracksuit )
  5. 1 word: gunpoint. Nah, just ask for it for christmas. It's coming up pretty soon.
  6. High and high, although Windows XP Professional >>>>>> Home I have a windows XP pro CD over there in a box in my closet, I just need an external HD first to save stuff on so I don't have to redownload/reinstall everything. I'll probably switch to XP pro eventually.
  7. Official System: Windows XP Home 32x @ 1024x768, Dual monitors, 15 in. LCD VGA (I'll be playing on this one), 17 in. CRT VGA. Gigabyte Radeon HD 4850 512MB AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHz 3GB DDR667 RAM 60 GB of free hardware space (This will fill up quickly with L4D, Fallout 3, and GTA 4 sadly, I'll have to delete my porn D:) So?
  8. False. Where does a dead body with cement shoes appear?
  9. Well, last words for me, so I'll just prove you wrong with your own article. If you will go to the next page you will see the reviewers of the products saying only cons for the Intel, and both pros and cons for AMD Con for Intel P4: (They don't even mention P4 but once, they go on to review both Athlon and XP) Pro for AMD Athlon: Con for AMD XP: I think the evidence of this is that: Some intel chips are better than some AMD chips and some AMD chips are better than some intel's chips, and that Athlon does indeed kick the shit out of the Intel P4, but not as much could be said for the Sempron judging by this article and how well the CPU takes Doom 3.
  10. Sounds like a graphics processing problem, as the graphic texture detail has nothing to do with the CPU Sounds like you don't know what you're talking about. Your friend's PC (Mainly GPU) is crap anyway if it cant run COD2, that's an old ass game. EDIT: The date on that test is August 4th, 2004....A little outdated test don't you think? Besides, P4 is below FIVE other AMD processors. AND the P4 is only beating the lower model Semprons, if you take a look the Sempron 3100+ kicks the shit out of EIGHT of the TWELVE intel P4 processors. Your little researched items proved YOU wrong, so just scamper a long and fanboy somewhere else. Oh and another big part of the test is that it is testing on how well the processors run with Doom 3, not the overall statistics and power of each one.
  11. This guy makes me lol. Obviously Chris means Athlons and Semprons in the same time-scale as your current P4. Chris- I'm getting that combo. I've decided to stop looking at graphics cards completely and stop visiting Tigerdirect and Newegg so something else does not catch my eye and I become skeptical of my previous choice.
  12. Hey guys I'm having to skimp on prices, so I'm looking at the first combo deal in this list: http://www.newegg.com/Product/ProductCombo...=10&page=1- Whatcha think? I'd be happy with just about anything if I could play my games (and new games, L4D, Fl3, GTA4 are the main ones. Not worried about playing high graphics games like crysis since it sucks anyway) at half medium half high graphics and keep above 30 FPS.
  13. Little Haiti/Habana. Kaufman is south of Phil's Place, print works is east of kaufman's. Print works and kaufman are both orange buildings.
  14. How do I know if my drive is a "DVD Dual layer"? Everest doesn't tell. If it is any notification, I can play DVDs on here.
  15. No. Any graphics chipsets made by Intel are horrible. Also the 4850 is a lot better than the 9600. Please don't make a mistake and put envidya parts in your system. You have a vendetta against Nvidia like I do against Vista
  16. Probably the back tire is on a backward slant, making the front tire come up. Simple detail mistake. Don't except every car to be hovering - R* would notice for sure.
  17. Hello, if you are familiar with the first one, you may like to know that the second is out. ->First Zeitgeist<- ->Zeitgeist 2<- Please watch them.
  18. Not very smart to get a card before you know it'll fit your motherboard.
  19. Don't you have to put in an authentication code thing to prove you're human? Gmail's is like impossible to read.
  20. Wooo, GTA4 PC is coming down the road, yay.
  21. Huckleberry if I were you I'd spring an extra 50 or so bucks on the GPU to get something much better so you wont have to upgrade for a while.
  22. There is an official topic for this. http://www.thegtaplace.com/forums/index.ph...mp;#entry315230
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