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  1. The physics arent Ragdoll. They are called "Euphoria". Thats why they are better Euphoria is the engine that makes the peds realistically stumble when you shoot them, but when peds fly off your car when you hit them and when niko falls off a bike, that is ragdoll.
  2. in the basketball court on the hill I've got a glitch question, might be kinda hard. Where do 3 airport security gaurds spawn at once everytime
  3. Shortbus

    Saints Row 2

    I don't think it looks very good personally. The physics engine looks like it would piss me off.
  4. true, and cash comes out of them too. thats how I bought the hyman condos. where can you find a minigame in the map where you drive around cones in a stallion?
  5. I had my signature edited for being like 30x20 over the limit, and it said 500x200.
  6. vice city is the best, san andreas is the worst.
  7. The point and click map with annotations and pictures sounds awesome
  8. -GTA IV never played -VCS unplayed 1. GTA VC 2. GTA 3 3. GTA LCS 4. GTA SA 1 being best
  9. You can die doing this, you know. Just drinking your weight (Even less than your weight.) in a nice substance like water will do you in. I remember a radio station was having a contest on who could drink the most water, a girl drank like 3 gallons, just chugged it, and died. THe radio station got fined or shut down or something.
  10. north point mall I think true or false: you can buy a can of sprunk at coke machines.
  11. That was the recommended on Games For Windows, but they removed it for some reason
  12. I thought it was pretty funny. I know loads of people like that.
  13. Legalize weed, the only reason it is illegal is because the govt. can't make money off it, theres too much in circulation and it's too easy to grow.
  14. Nope It just sucks that you have a DirectX 9.0c Gfxcard, maybe for like 120 bucks you could buy a equivalent card with DirectX10 if you want to upgrade to Windows Vista, and you defenitely could buy a gig of extra Ram, always handy;). And I dont know much bout AMD processors Don't you mean downgrade? Shark you can get a nice graphics card for 150 dollars.
  15. You are leaning back aren't you? For PC it should be num6 to pull up and num9 to go down
  16. Steam is halfing the price of all GTA games this weekend. If you dont already have them, you should get them this week. 10 bucks for SA.
  17. Below 24 will seem laggy. It requires 24 frames to trick the human eye into thinking stuff is smooth. Humans see in 30 frames per second, and 60-80 in times of frustration, like in war, thats why soldiers say "It happened in slow motion", because the brain makes the eye pump out more frames, making vision slower, and smoother. I believe I am correct on my figures, correct me if I am wrong, I'd like to know.
  18. Long as it isn't constricting her air pipes.
  19. What do you guys think of the rumors flying around of an utter economy crash in the US happening on September 30, in 5 days or sometime soon?
  20. ^ Some dude I don't know < Buying either a 4850 or 4870. V sucks
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