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  1. Poor Jackie Maybe he can be a motivational speaker for children and spread the word of how GTA is the DEVIL!
  2. dildo dodo, spread posters of candy sux around the city. name all the weapons that appear at Phil's Place
  3. u gais dun no wut u talkin bout, dis kid gon tack out da trash cuz he pised of and he kill bush man bush be bringin da black man down
  4. I dunno, but don't UPS trucks make lots of CO2 emissions?
  5. Was playing Super Smash Bros 64 5 minutes ago. <3 kirby.
  6. You don't need new ideas for a GTA game. There havn't been any new ideas for sonic or mario, you still do the same thing, even if they have been brought to a 3D style. GTA is a game where you shoot, drive, run, shoot some more and do sidemissions. I doubt it'll ever get old as long as they add a couple new features (however unoriginal) each time.
  7. They are annoying because you can't go anywhere without being attacked by a bunch of idiots. There's barely anywhere to visit as the following places are guarded by a big number of pissed off gangsters: Saint Mark's Chinatown Hepburn Heights Newport Fort Staunton Cedar Grove as said previously use your annoyingly large am,ounts of cash to buy weapons and armour, surely you can kill some gangsters? i mean how hard really is it? I think I have 99999 bullets for each gun and full weapon, what suggestion is it? The problem is I want to drive at my own risk without seeing my enemies draw a line on the screen all the time. I have no problem killing them I just want to explore properly I had trouble exploring too, I remember the gangsters in Saint Marks could blow your car up in a couple shots.
  8. you can upgrade dells. just need to find what pin count it takes and what kind it is. Mine is 240pin DDR2-667. Most popular is 667 and 800. Go get a program called Everest, it'll tell you what kind of RAM you have, and as long as you have some free slots you can put some more RAM. For RAM I suggest Corsair, but it's not necessary. RAM is RAM.
  9. In the downloadable content they'll probably appear at Modo's or something
  10. Personally I got mine free but I'm not allowed to discuss that here. I only did it because I already bought it for PS2 and it had major framerate issues, probably something to do with my PS2 making loud clanking noises while running.
  11. Gamestop. Walmart removed their PC Gaming section from their stores I think and the Target in my town has a very small selection of games. Never heard of babbages. But there are other ways of getting it without going to the store. If you have access to a credit card you can get it on steam or http://www.amazon.com/Grand-Theft-Auto-And...2659&sr=8-1 Also other ways to get it online for free but that is illegal.
  12. Holy crap you made Ultimate Vice City? Thats awesome. THe new Manana is my favorite car in that mod.
  13. Don't really agree on "marvel movie video games are worse". Battle for middle earth is a really nice RTS. The worst game I know of is Battle Tanks, really old game made around Windows 98.
  14. http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&CatId=3670 I'm getting one of these Huck. Wont have to upgrade for a long while after this, worth the money. Also depends on what kind of slot you have.
  15. I kissed a girl in kindergarden named Emily. No other kisses for shortbus though
  16. Will be watching some Pen & Teller: Bullshit! in a bit.
  17. That's pretty good dude. 9/10, -1 because a lot of the video is fuzzy for some reason.
  18. Yeah rain makes my current rig lag on SA too.
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