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  1. I don't actually know what GTA3 has to do with 9/11 and there was still S.A.M. mission (crashing planes, right?) and the second version of SA was out because of the ESRB rating change, not terrorism.
  2. Well, I don't agree that missions should last 20-30 minutes. So, you played the mission for 29:50 and then somebody killed you. You have to start all over! Think how much time you would waste on repeating these missions! Not that I hate long missions, just thats not gta style since you can't save the game on a mission. I agree that you should get cool rewards for 100%, but not the new island. First, that would mean that you wouldn't be able to fly until 100%, second, you wouldn't get any missions, hidden packages or any secret stuff on it so it would be rather pointless and you wouldn't get familiar with it. And I also agree that you should do absoloutely everything avaliable for 100%, not that everybody wants to achieve 100% but to make the gameplay more interesting for us who play after the end of the line and only then the stats would show the real completed percentage.
  3. A few days ago I got on the top of mt. Chillad and got the mountain bike. I wanted to drive it off the top but while I was getting closer to that statue on the top of it, I lost control and crashed into a fence next to it. I started falling down from the top of the mountain, but instead of falling on the legs, CJ was falling on his back. He didn't stopped falling untill he reached the road to angel pine. But the best thing was that I survived. I once also jumped from a plane without a parachute but also survived. Does anyone know why this glitch appears? Strange, because you ussually die when jumping from about 20m, but not when juping from a few thousand meters!
  4. everything on VROCK, I really can't find my favourite
  5. I thought about a few things related to vehicle modifying and racing. 1. You've probably customized your car and wanted to race with it and that wasn't possible. That feature from VC was probably removed because then you had time and opportunity to destroy all of the opponents' vehicles and then win the race easily. In SA however, you appeared in the car for that race 3 seconds before the start. Now, to be able to drive your own car and not to be able to destroy the opponents at the start and make an easy victory (you were still able to drive-by opponents while racing in SA), you select a race and get your vehicle to the starting grid and stop in the marker but this time you came first so you can't destroy any opponents. When you get in the marker, opponents come and 3,2,1 GO! 2. Import was unbeleveable stupid feature added to the game. It's called Grand Theft Auto, not Grand Buy Auto! You still export cars but this time, like in gta3, when you complete the list, various icons appear near the export point and you can spawn vehicles by picking up a pickup icon of that vehicle, and it's of course free. And also wouldn't mind more export locations like garages with their own export lists, not only one like in SA.
  6. No no no. No more that kind of realism. You can't see these things even in sims. you DON'T lose stamina if you're cold or you don't eat/drink (although stamina isn't affected by that. in real life you would lose stamina if you don't train or get lazy) you can't catch a flu or any other illness. even that stuff in SA were too much realism, and now this. the next life-simulation would be called GTA4, not sims - fight against that!
  7. there is only one DVD for the PC version
  8. The one with bridge is very well balanced and look awesome. Here are some of mine pics. i took about 200 photos but i tried to pu at least some of them. Maybe I'll make a folder to put in artistic photos from SA
  9. There is one in the desert at the rest stop (which, I don't know?) and there is a hot dog van next to it.
  10. CJ of course. Cmon' look at him in the begining. Weak, skinny and he looks like he has just lost a few tooths
  11. quite simple - bigger countryside and a much bigger desert cities should have their suburbs and centers, be balanced, not like any of previous cities
  12. What about this - blowing up EVERYTHING in sight!!! Actually, I don't think that R* cares about terrorism. They make games, they don't do anything with the real life.
  13. A good stroryline would be nice for a change.
  14. Angel pine is the best. I tried the other small towns too, but they have several spawn points out of the town. That is pretty far away and you have to drive the ambulance over rough terrain and there is a big chance of turning over (never happened to me but ambulance usually turn over even on straight roads). Pine is in the middle of nowhere and there aren't any cityes, other small towns or any trailer camps around it.
  15. if you haven't discovered it yet, get to the angel pine and start doing the easiest paramedic missions of your life! you will probably reach level 12 in about 20min. that means no more hour and a half driving like in VC (WITHOUT A RADIO LISTENING TO THE SIREN ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh)
  16. It doesn't help if you put the backup. You have to either make the whole gta3.img backup and then replace it or reinstall the game.
  17. you should download lo-fi .set file (http://www.gtagarage.com) and then replace the original one from SA user files. (I posted the link to the file in some of these topics) But yes, that computer is a crap and probably wouldn't be able to run SA with 30fps.
  18. nevermind. i played the vertical bird and it's num4 to point trusters backwards and LMB to point them downwards
  19. How to fly the hydra on PC? i retract the landing gear but it still flyes in jump-jet mode?
  20. I retract the landing gear but it still acts like a helicopter. how to set the trusters backwards instead of pointing down? it's pc version btw.
  21. you really don't need to cheat for this mission. it's actually very easy. simply get into the dodo and take off. fly upwards and don't stop when you get to the anothers plane's altitude. just keep flying upwards and a bit to the right (do this so that you can turn much more easily). when you see the target marker moving along your's radar, it's time to start turning. start turning to the right at about 30 degrees angle and you'll soon probably see the red corona and the plane. keep turning and when you line u behind the plane, start flying downwards, this will give you speed so that you can easily fly into the corona (thats why I said to fly as higher as possible). rest of the mission is, I would say, harder than the plane chasing. CJ jumps on the plane and gets in. then, six assasins start shooting at you. you only have a gun, so aim for heads. you can't move and you're exposed so if they kill you, you will fail the mission. then, captain appears with a gun. kill him too and land the plane at the airport. easy one for nice money
  22. I've found this low quality .set file on gtagarage.com click here to download the file and then replace it with the one in your gta sa user files folder in my documents.
  23. First of all, Rocka91, I've completed N.O.E. so you didn't need to post me tips. Second of all, I have 6 golds, one silver and one bronze in flight school and also maxed flying skill so I think that I at least practiced something. Now I'm having trouble with the barnstorming airplane race, that stunt plane is great when flying high, but completely sucks in courses like this. Harder to control even than Zero's RC baron from supply lines. But does anyone know how to fly Hydra? How to switch between takeoff and flight mod? (in the harier jump-jet mode it acts like helicopter, but how to make it act like a plane?)
  24. not good. you wouldn't find any sports cars.
  25. what I didn't like in SA was that in you didn't need to do everything for 100%. In VC it was pretty good. You had to do almost everything to get 100%. In SA, however, you didn't need burglary missions, girlfriends who unlock vehicles, abilities and outfits, lowrider challenge, getting all golds in all schools, especially driving schools which gives you the secret vehicle hotknife or unique stunt jumps. That was very stupid to me because lots of things that you needed to unlock didn't meant 100% and you couldn't know do you have the real 100% or not. What do you think? Should it really need all unlocked to be 100% or only optional things?
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