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  1. I agree that VC had the best storyline but SA had so many features. GTA is the worst GTA game, but not for the technical side. Not talking about graphics and engine, it's normal that it had the worst engine but you couldn't save the game and you had to pass every mission in a row without getting busted to get the multiplier and cash high enough to pass the level. That actually means you had to play the game for hours without getting busted or wasted and passing the missions prefectly so that you could get enough money for the next level. Then, it had almost no storyline (this might be a good thing according to the SA). 2 was way better. I still play the game and I just love it. New graphics and the ability to save the game made it quite playable. Compared to the any 3D GTA game these were pretty bad and I understand that the technology was limited at that time, but the fact is that before 3 these games weren't popular. So I guess that good graphics, physics, sound, etc. engine is required for the good game.
  2. I also thought that you would be able to get in the tram and then shoot from it. I like to do that when in bobcats or similar vehicles, but as soon as the cop starts to shoot at the vehicle, the driver either drives fast and crashes very soon, or runs away.
  3. The hunter in SA had GUNS with auto-aim. That is the really big deal. Now you can destroy unlimited number of enemy vehicles, especially police helicopters without blowing yourself in the blast, plus it's much easier to aim with the guns than with the rockets. And hunter is now easy to get. All golds in flight school are really low price for the best vehicle in the game.
  4. If you purchased the second version of the game, you can't use any trainers.
  5. After getting total of 10 000$ on burglary missions you get additional 3000$ and unlimited sprint. There is one black boxvile truck in each city. One near the gym in Ganton, one is parked in front of garages near driving school in Doherty, somewhere around the back of your safehouse you bought for 20 000$ and the third one is at the south-east rest stop on LV highway. Also, I suggest to get a silenced gun and when you get into the house, find it's inhabitants and kill them while they're asleep. When you aim in their heads they will wake up but as long as you aim at them they will not call the police. Then shoot them in a head and your noise marker will dissapear. There are usually one or two people in the house so first sneak up to them and kill them. Now you can do whatever you want in the house.
  6. You point the exhausts backwards with num4 and downwards with LMB. Actually, these num4-LMB controls are used at tow trucks, forklifts, dumpers, packers, dozers...(you got the point). That signal flares are counter measures (when another hydra or SAM lock-on and fire at your hydra, you will see the small red triangle on the radar that is moving towards you. As it's heat seeking when you drop the flare missle follows it insted of you. Everything about hydra will be explained in the vertical bird mission.
  7. Yes, but that's a camo mod. I have the same one for huner and hydra.
  8. Ever played original GTA? Now, that's the worst GTA game. GTA series were bad before GTA3 and then they suddenly became ultra-famous.
  9. First, think of what you want to mod. Then download appropriate tool and get familiar with it. You will also need some resources to mod certain files. e.g. particle.txd You need TXD tool to open the file and edit it. Then, find files you would like to mod e.g. blood. Find "bloodsplat64" and change the texture to custom one. Then change the file's alpha to appropriate custom one ("bloodsplat64a"). Alpha is some kind of texture filter. So that means that you need new blood texture (colour only) and blood alpha (texture's shape) and when you replace these with the custom ones, you should get a prewiew of blood splats. Save your project and it should work ingame. I don't know for others because I only tried modding .txd files when I wanted to make a large particle file with all the best textures and alphas.
  10. Well, a few days ago I couldn't get gold in basic seamanship and burn and lap so I tried turning the frame limiter off and lowering the resolution. Actually, lowering the resolution doesn't matter but frame limiter does. Then I reverted the resolution and saw very interesting changes. It doesn't speed the game up, infact the game is acting much more fluid and natural and I would say that turning it on makes the game slower, as I noticed when I turned it on again. As the gameplay is much better with the frame limiter off, I turned it off again and continued playing. First I got to the boat school and completed the first test. Then I drived back to SF with my new jetmax and started the tests at driving school. I tried the burn and lap and got gold from the first try but the interesting thing was that the car was acting much more fluid and that fluidity helped me to get the gold. Interesting was also that the half of the corners I had to cut were awfully cutted and the second were OK but I did only one perfect cut. With the frame limiter, I made all ten perfect cuts (less than 5cm between the front bumper and the cone) and got 36s with no gold. Then I tried 90 where I had 97% and got gold for about 5-10 tries. NO LUCK! I used to play that test for HOURS and still the car rarely got 100% in handling and if I got it, the position score was very low. Another interesting thing was that every time of that 5-10 tries I got 100% handling which means perfect 90 turn. Then I played wheelie weave which is the only test left for me to have all golds in all schools. Usually, I had some low damage but my car didn't get even close to the marker. Now, my car gets to the marker every time I try the test and rarely falls on 2 wheels. But, there is one bad thing about that frame limiter: at tests in driving school (I don't know about the others because I already had golds in them) you get damage much easier. With the frame limiter, I got max of 5% damge. Now I have normally 7% and damage up to 15% but the handling and position scores are (almost) always perfect. So, I highly suggest turning the frame limiter off when in schools (resolution and visual FX quality don't affect this at all!) or playing the game with the limiter off as in game vehicle damage isn't affected by it. btw. I have 99% in wheelie weave now and I managed to get 0% damage with a few tries, but then the position or heading scores weren't 100%!
  11. Well, isn't it then illegal making topics like this at all?
  12. Actually, max health is 300% and you get it by completeing level 12 in paramedic missions.
  13. Really nice tips. If I find some time I'll download savegames and make video tutorials for freefall, N.O.E. and stowaway. I myself had problems with N.O.E. but when I took the ocean route, it was damn easy. These missions are actually very easy and I really get pissed when I read stuff like "mission impossible" or similar. People, you just have to keep trying!
  14. Well, I've played Driv3r for 2 minutes and couldn't believe how can someone make games that bad. So, think twice before posting.
  15. National treasure. Really interesting movie with everything possible in it. And yes, the Sahara was also good.
  16. Slayer

    NFS Most Wanted

    I'll see if my friend can get the game. But as far as I read, it's good that the pursuits are back. btw. system requiments should be: 2Ghz P4 or AMD 512mb RAM ATI 8500 or nVidia Fx5700 ^^^found these on gamer forum^^ so it's not official
  17. In El Quelbrados that is west of the airstrip. You will find Barbara in front of police station talking to some old lady. It says that you need at least 50% fat to get her number. I, however, got her number with about 20% fat and 30% sex appeal. Some glitch... Besides, you have girlfriend map^^ ^^ ^^
  18. Try downloading the no dvd crack and it should work even if it's registered
  19. Well, it's not spyware because I never go on the internet on it, I use another one for surfing. Also, that about HDD, I've upgraded my comp about 2 months ago and it's working really fine, and even it that would happen I've got 200GB on it so it wouldn't affect the preformance. But I check it for viruses and that stuff every once in a while and it doesn't have any problems, and I've got all the newest updates for both anti-virus and windows. I think that's the frame rate and level of details. Tommorow I'll try lowering them to minimum because I have the same problem in boat school. I can't get gold on the first test and that's the only one I need! I've watched the video tutorial and that boat is moving much faster then mine. It gets to the marked area in about 6s and mine gets at 8s. Althought I've managed to get it under 10s (9,7s), I still have no gold. edit I have all golds @ all schools! Really not impressed with the hotknife. It's more like a turbo buggy. Stick with the bullet which is much faster and has much better handling than the hotknife.
  20. P4 640 3,2 Ghz 1GB RAM 256MB GeForce 6800 LE extreme 200GB SATA HDD Win XP Pro with SP2 (you can't have SATA without it)
  21. Yes, until the GTA4 gets annouced (if it will ) the forums will be dying and some small time PSP game won't stop it. No matter how good can LCS be (I don't know cos I haven't got PSP) a lot of people still won't have PSP and then you have only 5% of community on forums that are getting less and less interested in GTA because even if you can play them for a very long time you still can't play the forever!
  22. Damn I once got 35 secs in burn and lap but instead of getting me gold, I got 0% . That really pissed me off. I'll try turning the level of details to lowest, but I don't understand how does low-detailed game like SA affect my PC's preformance. I've got P4 640 3,2 Ghz, 1GB of RAM and GeForce 6800 LE and it seems that this is waaaay too fast for SA. But nevermind, I'l try that also as I cut the corners perfectly and I watched the video tutorial for B&L where it's showed how you get gold with cutting the corners awful.
  23. Nah, that's only special for the last mission and it's ok. But first, we need more missions for the GTA4 to last longer, not long missions, OK for the last one, but think for example to get supply lines where you need to destroy 40 couriers, or to get N.O.E. where you have to fly 40km to the drop corona and back, all the time under the radar. Second, long missions would make GTA4 boooooooooring because short ones give you more dynamic gameplay. e.g. to unlock some new features in the game, you would have to play the game for a very long time because only after you complete the mission that feature would be unlocked. Let's take the Heist strand in LV for example. Of course, you could complete all it's mission (plus the caligula casino ones) in one go, a one loooooong mission with save points and all that, but then you would unlock stuff like Millie's house, sex shop or Levianth at desert airstrip after the last mission, because, as I told, stuff is unlocked after the mission. And third, I personaly didn't liked the save point at last mission. If you split up the mission, second part becomes less interesting and you care much less about failing the mission than if you do it all in one go. But, as I said, thats the special mission.
  24. Just make sure that you rebuild the archive after editing anything in it.
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