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  1. One more thing. You can play vigilnate missions in SWAT tank.
  2. Try changing resolution, anti-aliasing adn mip mapping. And get the latest drivers for your hardware.
  3. Here are the video walkthroughts of three "impossible" missions. Freefall Just showed you how to approach the plane. It can get tricky when high enough because dodo is affected by the wind. N.O.E. Sorry about the modded plane but I just didn't want to revert the rustler, record the mission and then revert the modded rustler again. I has the same handling, just textures and the model are new. The point was to show you the easy route, that's all. Stowaway For anyone who think that it's impossible to approach the plane, I showed you that's possible to do that in a few seconds. If you have slow machine, lower the resolution and turn off anti-aliasing but don't turn off the frame limiter. It just speeds up the plane. And get a knife or bat or any other similar weapon, or learn some new gym moves. It's hard to beat them up without it. Hope you'll find these useful!
  4. Slayer

    NFS Most Wanted

    Found official system specs. I'm getting the game soon!
  5. I ain't Harry Potter movies fan but I'll watch it this weekend.
  6. Of course because in every game you kill adults. Kids would be new feature, but, as I said, it's nothing serious.
  7. 5 gigs for full install. Just checked it now.
  8. Even if there would be any kids, remember that they're just bunch of pixels, that's all.
  9. PC only. Performance is much better (depends) and you can always get a gamepad or joystick if you like. Not to mention that you can mod games and much more.
  10. GTA: SA Half-Life Frozen Throne C&C Generals Richard Burns Rally
  11. I really wouldn't like to see that stupid gangsta theme again
  12. some new military machines that can kick ass
  13. Patriot. That goes at 85' angle like on flat road. Unstoppable!
  14. Rewards after every 10 collectables, like in 3 and VC, not after all of them. That left me no choice but to get a map and search for them. I have got all 50 oysters, but I have 49 photo-ops and 48 horseshoes and no use for that.
  15. Only the last time. 1st-4th time I completed all the main story missions and did a few optional things.
  16. I didn't like stunting in GTA3. You could very easily get a lot of money for things that aren't stunting. On the mission Big n Veiny, while passing at the St. Marks Bistro, I flipped over and I was tumbling down the hill. When I finally stopped, I got something like "perfect triple insane stunt" and I wasn't in the air for even a second!
  17. On the mission end of the line. Steal it, put it into your garage and then fail the mission to keep it.
  18. I like SWAT, but I have to be very careful not to flip it over or destroy because then I'll lose it forever . It's great for ramming but I hate that water cannon. I expected machine guns or something like that.
  19. How can you not remember the last game mission? You first have to get into the crack fortress and then SWAT spawns 2 times. After you kill Smoke, Tenpenny escapes in a firetruck with ladders (has anyone saw that firetruck in the game?) and you have to chase him. Then Sweet jumps on your car and he takes the wheel while you shoot at pretty much everybody. Then Tenpenny loses control and crashes...blablabla
  20. That would mean putting the 4,7 GB world for a few missions and then putting another one even more bigger for the rest of the game. 1. Nobody would do something like this because that's stupid and it would be like putting the whole LC for the Saint Marks Bistro mission. 2. You would need more than one dual-layer DVD or Blue-ray disc which are rare (and very expensive) for something like this.
  21. Awesome game but I would prefer SA just because of swimming. I've completed VC 5 times and got 100% when I played it last time.
  22. I don't cheat but doesn't it get boring typing BANGBANGBANG 100 times?
  23. What vulcan minigun are you talking about? There is only one that has something that spins the barrels while not shooting.
  24. Vercetti - not a pussy, a drug lord that got to the top on his own. Has a sense for humor also.
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