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  1. I don't have PS2 but if they would make it for PS2, it will probably go out on PC also, but then they would had to add really a lot of new features, which would make new game, not LCS. If it goes out on PC, at least we'll have something to play after completeing SA
  2. I have the PC version but don't you got auto-aim on PS2? I played it on my friend's PS2 and there is auto-aim when you get your crossair near the object you want to shoot at. But I still think that this is very easy mission even on PS2. If this is hard for you, you'll kill yourself on the next mission. I have joystick for my PC and that RC plane does everything to get out of control, you can't steer with it on the ground and the enemies are too skillful with tec-9's
  3. I've seen one driving on the road near santa maria beach in los santos, but I didn't jack it. can you do missions in them or what?
  4. I have just one question. will LCS be released for PS2, Xbox and PC too, or just for PSP? cos if yes, it should be GTA4. btw. R* is releasing LCS for PSP tomorrow, so it's quite unusual to annouce a game before even this game comes out. I've seen first annoucements of SA about a year before it was released for PS2, a few months after the PC version of VC. it annouced only that the next GTA will probably be named GTA: San Andreas.
  5. there should be liberty city, vice city and the SA state with a few more new, being connected by airlines. you would be able to buy airplane ticket from los santos to vice city, for example.
  6. the saves are in your GTA SA user files folder in my documents. reinstalling the game won't affect the savegames.
  7. c'mon the mission is omfg easy. just check the minimap every once in a while. I completed the misssion from the first try with 0% damage with no cheats (cheaters=looooooooooooosers )
  8. I think maybe the mafia thing (if you kill a cop before he calls for backup, you lose wanted level) would be good, but on the other side, it would be quite hard to make SWAT, FBI or army chasing you because you will lose your wanted level almost every time you kill a cop, so no mafia thing
  9. the cars spawn balance was really good in SA. sports cars were quite hard to found and you didn't see them in poor neighbourhoods. that way good cars really ment something (note that I've never used a single cheat or trainer), not like in VC where they appeared more often than poor cars.
  10. I've found this glitch a few days ago. get a sanchez and get into transfender shop in san fierro. when you exit, you will appear somewhere "in" the transfender's roof. then simply smash the gas and you will fall through the endless hole (something like the hidden pay 'n' spray glitch) but if you go too slow, you will fall onto the underworld train tracks. after a couple of seconds, you will spawn somewhere nearby the transfender.
  11. your modding didn't affect anything. there was always the 3rd cabbie. taxi, kaufman cab, cabbie and zebra cab. I think that the only difference between the kaufman cab and cabbie is texture change. these don't have vinyls and you can listen radio in them, which you can't do with kaufman cabs after completeing the carmageddon mission and asseting the place. but you get zebra cab. it's more damage ressistant, has faster engine and you can listen to radio in it.
  12. that eating thing. it is so irritating when you lose muschles if you don't eat for 2 days. then you had to go to the gym again and again for a few %.
  13. you should post your latest save file and then somebody will complete it for you, then upload it again. that way you wouldn't spoil your gameplay
  14. I have no DVD crack and SP2 and it works fine. Just wanna know- the 1600x1280 resolution you're using. You have that display size or you just set it like that. It's best to use the maximum display size resolution, but not the one you can't display. It just slows the game down and doesn't help because you technically can't view that resolution. Try setting the optimal resolution (17' LCD is 1280x1024, standard 17' monitor is 1024x768, for 19' I don't know) If this doesn't work, re-install the game and maybe then it should work. complete the game and then mod it. you won't lose your save files if you re-install the game.
  15. get close to your homies and hold RMB while aiming at one you want to recruit. the green triangle (or similar colour, I'm not sure) should appear on his head and then press G to recruit. you'll notice a "gang strenght" meter appearing in the upper left corner. recruiting more gang members will fill the meter, and when it gets full, you can't recruit any more gang members. if one of your homies get killed, the meter will run out for amount of percentage that you can recruit gang members. e.g. if you can recruit 5 gang members, and one of them gets killed, your gang strenght meter will run out for the amount of 20%.
  16. thanks you really saved me a lot of time
  17. what mountain? mt. chillad? if it's that then this is definetely wrong forum
  18. Really like the idea That way you could help someone who has problems with the game without spoiling his\her gameplay
  19. I think that he warned you because of double posting or OT posts, and you probably get banned after reaching 100% (on forum, not in GTA games )
  20. @swimming in san andreas- I also never saw anyone swimming. I thought that all that swimming stuff will be corrected in SA, but, hey, at least you don't drown anymore. @interiors-when I started the game and bought a few properties, I always thought that I forgot to save the game after purchasing, but when I found out what's the deal, I was very dissapointed. Interiors for the safehouses weren't necesarry except Johnsons house (which is probably the only original one). If R* was so lazy not to add a few new inteiors, but make a lot of stuff and hide it in the game's code, maybe it would be the best to simply make safehouses like the ones in VC
  21. can anyone post the original timecyc.dat file? I've modded a few files and they work fine, but there was some bug that causes CJ to walk out of control and change the camera angle. Very, very IRRITATING. When I reverted the game to original files, everything worked fine. A few days ago, I accidentaly moved mouse while driving and saw the "grey screen" problem, which happens when using modded draw distance aka moded timecyc.dat file. I thought that I was using original file, so I deleted the backup, and emptied the recycle bin in meantime. I don't want to re-install the 4.4 Gb game because of some few kb file, so could anyone just upload the original file? You can find it in data folder.
  22. I don't think it's a major loss in liberty city because there is not much water and beaches, and who the hell would swim in some dirty river? but it was a terrible mistake in VC. it was quite stupid walking on the beach at noon, seeing all those people in bikini and even life savers that don't even know how to swim.
  23. she re-appeared in SA and then got away with fido from GTA3 to liberty city again. I also thought I have killed her in GTA3, but that's her. same voice, very similar face (note that she's about 20 years older), and she again does bank jobs. I actually don't see the point, but who cares? it's fun!
  24. any or specific one? althought I don't advise you to play for the first time with mods complete the game, and if you want to play it again, mod it as much as you like
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