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  1. I've read about that vacuum bomb in the newspaper and the last sentance was "Unlike the nuclear bomb, vacuum bomb doesn't pollute enviroment." Made me wonder how cheap will the human life become very soon and will people actually start to pay to get killed?
  2. I played Pokemon TCG for a few years when I was younger...I remember I used to like that dark pokemon, I think it was called Houndloom... And most of the fire pokemon aswell. Ditto was cool too.
  3. Ensiferum - Into The Battle I <3 ensiferum
  4. I find that song rather funny than something serious. 1st 5 lines are nice, but then it felt like somebody forced you to continue.
  5. Not related to iPods, but don't you remember my "bands that should fall apart" topic? You attacked me for saying I don't like GNR and you automatically assumed I have only one of their songs so I can't judge a band. Can't you see you're doing the same thing? Why don't you take a look at yourself before you start flaming others? Less blood will be spilled on both sides.
  6. If I'd want to play sport games I'd play sport games. They're much more realistic and detailed than some idiotic attempt of implementing sports into GTA.
  7. Well it had it moments...I wouldn't call it awesome but it was really ok to watch.
  8. Slayer

    Chris is 19

    ^^I imagine... Happy b-day old man. Your last year as a teen.
  9. All of that was pretty much from the first try. You try something a few times, you nail it, you film it when you're making a video.
  10. I've sniped those two guys with one shot, if that's the mission we're talking about. There's a tower that allows you to see a part of the park they're meeting in.
  11. Hard to tell, we're all dressed differently pretty much every time. I'm the dude who does clapping pullups if that helps. Thx for comments all of you
  12. I think it might've been used... In Flames - Come Clarity
  13. Well, I won't write a novel here...comments would be nice . HF
  14. Haha, no. Just pure fun and love for adrenaline. Too bad it was the highest I could find. I've even filmed that, it's on u2b. The movie's called "Jump" and my acc is glsslayer91. So anyone made any progress with their going out of the closet?
  15. Not trying to be offensive, but those who say that have probably never had a girlfriend...pity (referring to send her money dudes).
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