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  1. I like those with SF harbour and downtown LS.
  2. There is something called "post dates" if you see that the topic is more than, for example, 2 weeks without a reply, don't post pointless comments unless you have something important to post.
  3. Pity it's not only for this tread. There are much more yet to come.
  4. I'd like to see something paranormal in next GTA, but you already had Ghost Car and CJ's mother ghost in SA.
  5. Roll is what Tommy preforms, landing is what CJ does. They are both used to absorb fall damage, just I liked the roll more than landing.
  6. Then back up modded gta3.img and other modded files, reinstall, replace the original files and make a back up next time for original files.
  7. Ahhhhh, that one! Now I remember. The name just sounded familiar to me. And he is probably so desperate that he does.
  8. I didn't say I liked the topic either.
  9. List here all the features from previous GTA games you'd like to see in GTA4. This could be almost every aspect of previous GTAs. Just DON'T list anything that you would like to be in the game. My list: -skill point system but with less bike skill and more weapon skill levels above hitman -all vehicle missions from any previous GTAs -entering a race with your own car -the best bike is easier to get (like PCJ-600 in VC) -character preforming a roll instead of a landing ... You continue...
  10. I think it's somewhere in Chinatown but I'm not sure.
  11. Did you read first post? This is about making fake pics in photoshop, not to start any new myths. btw. I might just make one bigfoot fake screen myself if I'll have time.
  12. Because v2 saves are based on different script file than v1 saves.
  13. If you didn't get the point, here you describe cars modified at transfender, loco low co or wheel arc angels, not the modded ones.
  14. It's obviously looking like beta screenshot. You can clearly see that vehicles weren't completely finished and some of GTA3 light effects were missing. Nothing new. You can find a lot of beta screens of almost every "bigger" game, just they usually picture the 100% finished files.
  15. av: 10/10 sig: 9/10 pers: a nice and helpful mod
  16. Bah, the movie is total crap. Serial just like EA games.
  17. av: 9/10 sig: 7/10 per: You've been here for a while and you seem nice.
  18. sig 8/10 Dunno how you got the third chance, but I'm not optimistic about it.
  19. That's the only thing I dislike about this mod. You're unable to fire from the vehicle. If you would be able to break glass and shoot out it would be awesome because then you'll never fall out.
  20. By a "fire" button. LCTRL by default I think.
  21. I was kinda bored so I made this short video where I jump with my NRG-500 between the rooftops. The starting location is the highest LS skyscraper, and it went off at the gallery, south of Madd Dogg's crib. Size: 23.2MB Type: MPEG-2 Resolution: 640x480 Duration: 1:52 Download
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