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  1. You should probably reinstall your game (recommended). But, if it this doesn't help, then you have fucked up game.
  2. SA because of the features and the map, but the storyline and soundtrack suck, VC is much better.
  3. Nope, I haven't done anything with carcols.dat or anything else related to the stuntplane. Try it on your own SA and it should probably work if you have original files related to stuntplane.
  4. I was recording some plane stunts and whenever I crashed, I loaded the game from desert airstrip. The funny thing is that some new stuntplane paintjobs started to appear. So I kept doing this until the default stuntplane appeared. I've taken shots of them so take a look:
  5. For sure. He was probably taking drugs or something. If he was killed, they would probably know that.
  6. Really? Compare it to this: Ahm ahm...
  7. Press 2 to raise/lower the landing gear. Also, if you press 2 when in Cropduster, you'll start to dust everything behind you. btw. I think someone should pin this topic about Hydra so we don't see any more topics about it.
  8. Here's what I do when reached 100%: As you get unlimited ammo for 100%, I get all the best weapons like M4 or heat seeking rockets and then jump on the jeep's roof at LV highway. Why? Because they are slow and hardly crash, still there are lot of cars on the highway. That way you get a slow driver who drives the jeep while you destroy everything in sight. I once stayed on Huntley's roof for 20 min. :!: You can try the same thing with train but then you need at least 3 stars because you won't go near any roads (except when entering LS). Hydra stunting! I really like this one. You have a Hydra at Grove st. and Desert Airstrip, so you choose one. Fly under the bridges or through them, some are pretty tight so you'll have to fly the Hydra at 90' angle. Practice flying at 180' angle, and do the same things with bridges and obstacles. the main thing is to watch how low are you flying. You can go to 0m and still not sink. I tried! For more fun get a 5 stars level, just so you can destroy something on the way. A few times I was flying so low that I crashed into police boats. Get a Hunter from Desert Airstrip and fly to LV highway. Fly a bit above the highway. You can even go below those bridges and through tunnels with a Hunter. Just follow the highway and use guns and rockets to destroy as many vehicles as you can before you destroy your chopper. Get NRG-500 or HPV-1000. The important thing is for those bikes that they hard suspension so they are more stabile. Get on the top of that skyscraper in LS and then try a "rooftop run". The goal is to get furter away from your starting position (the skyscraper, it's near the Ammunation for mission Doberman, and next to the highway intersection, not the Mulholland one, the center one, good thing that the hospital is near ). Jump from one roof to another and get as further as you can, until you reach the ground level. If you fall down, the run is over. This is actually a very good test for all the stunters because it's important to land a bike perfectly, otherwise CJ will eventually kill himself. You can also do a few tricks between the roofs, like corkscrews or backflips. I got to the fire station near BMX park by riding only on the rooftops! I would really suggest you to try out at least one or two of those, they all rock!
  9. They are rocket launcher files. btw. I posted them rocketla_files.rar
  10. Yeah, I hated when even with 6 stars, Hunters don't come to kill you. I always felt lonely when flying a hunter because people on the ground didn't use rocket launchers or tank missles to hunt you down, Hydra's missed 90% of the shots and even when it hit, you could withstand 5 more hits. Police choppers were down before they even arrived, and Hydra is too fast to catch it with a Hunter. But I don't agree that you should have 12 wanted levels. All these stuff that you just mentioned could fit easily in a standard 6 stars levels, I would just like more reinforcements to come and also that police use all avaliable tactics and weapons. Wtf then army needs a tank when they are more efficient with Barracks trucks because they carry more soldiers. And also, like in GTA2, tank goes over the car and crushes it, vehicle doesn't explode when it hits a tank. This would require 3D damage model, but it's really about time that R* puts that in a game. Carmageddon had 3D damage model 12 years ago!
  11. Get a decent altitude, retract the landing gear and hold NUM4 to point the trusters backwards. Hold LMB to point them downwards again.
  12. Oh god, now, when it's been a very long time since SA came out, you're still bitching about "how VC sucked"! VC rocks! SA sucks! CJ's max bike skill isn't much better than Tommy's default one. You had to play a lot of time till CJ's bike skill went up, and Tommy could do awesome stunts the first time he rode a bike. If you people don't know how to ride a bike, that's not game's problem. What the hell are you reversing bike for? And what about "falling off at the simplest tap"? He never falls off at small taps. If it's a bigger obstacle, do a wheelie over it and he won't fall off. Also, he's better than CJ when doing wallflips, Cj can't do the most simple flip with a bike.
  13. Just fly forward to the sea, take a left turn, fly to angel pine, carefully approach the corona, then fly a bit to the right, between the trees. Then just follow the ocean again to the airstrip and land. I've made a video for this mission in the Screenshots & Media sub forum, but I'm not sure has the file expired or not. Notify me if you'd like to download it and I'll upload it again.
  14. The idea is ok, but you forgot that Mafia is more linear than SA. So first, you should post a criteria about submitted savegames. Let me suggest a few: 1. no side missions done (challenges, vehicle missions...) 2. nothing that counts towards 100% done (gym moves, collections, schools, stadium events, couriers...) 3. no optional things done (unique stunts, gang territories, girlfriends, burglary, triathlons...) 4. default CJ (no changing clothes, muscle, stamina, lung capacity...) 5. only v1 saves (much more people have v1) 6. all savegames are based on original main.scm 7. no hot coffe 8. no cheats 9. no mods 10. no trainers
  15. Man, you should make a VCMM script for so much files. It's really irritating to add files one by one.
  16. You should post this earlier. I got 100% about 2 weeks ago and I won't play it again.
  17. Looking quite promissing, I must say. Keep up
  18. Well, as mentioned in one thread, GTA4 should feature 6 cities, including London. It's probably going to be London and a few other, it's stupid to downgrade the map to only one city, although it can be twice the size of SA, but without the countryside (there probably isn't going to be any deserts around there ) it wouldn't be fun without the easter eggs like rusty wheelchair in Fisher's Lagoon or ghost car (but no massive tomb :'( ), also no mountains or huge areas for free roam, without the fear of bumping into traffic.
  19. I've had a similar Chinook mod that was able to carry things (in theory), but whatever I put in it, handled strangely. It just went mad when I took off. It moved up when going down and the same for every possible direction and crashed the heli. But nvm, I'll try this one too.
  20. I have WLAN at home and a laptop with a WLAN card. You first have to enter the right ConnectonPoint name (if it's changed) and then you have to enter a WEP key and choose the type of encryption. Otherwise you can recieve signal but you can't connect to the router. Also, make sure you have the newest drivers.
  21. Well sure it wasn't all about CRASH, but untill the very last mission CJ was doing all what Tenpenny wanted from him to do. So, during the whole storyline, Tenpenny and his frame is CJ's biggest problem, but yet he kills 9999 people and absoloutely nothing happens (except he builds up his stats). Killing 9999 people IS GTA style, being a pussy because of only one homicide (using a gun, not a chainsaw or a shovel or a spraycan or whatever) IS NOT GTA style.
  22. Something like Mafia storyline, right? But actually, story should be about a total psycho (like Postal 2). everything other is so unrealistic. For example: CJ got framed for homicide and then he has to prove that he's innocent and CRASH use that as an opportunity to control him. Now, that's omg stupid. CJ goes all over SA killing like 9999 people in every possible ways, and yet his frame for homicide of a police officer is all he cares about. If he killed 9999 people, he could simply start with CRASH and problem solved!
  23. I liked the video. 7/10 But shouldn't it be in the stunting forum? @COD: You still make traffic by watching it on the screen. It just downloads to temp folder and deletes after you've watched it. So, it's better to download it to My Videos and then you can watch it any time.
  24. Let's get into details: After you rescue Lance from the junkyard, you unlock a mission where you have to kill Diaz and take over the mansion. Then, the first mission in the Vercetti mansion is when you have to smash all the windows in the North Point Mall and after it, you can buy assets. Assets are all the buildings that can generate money, but only after you complete their missions. Assets are: -Vercetti mansion (you acquire it on a mission) >>> complete the "Cop Land" mission to generate 5000$ per day -Ice Cream Factory >>> sell 50 ice-creams in a row to generate 3000$ per day -Boatyard >>> complete the "Checkpoint Charlie" mission to generate 2000$ per day -Kaufman Cabs >>> complete all of it's missions to generate 4000$ per day -Film Studio >>> complete all of it's missions to generate 7000$ per day -Strip Club >>> spend 300$ on a lap dance to generate 4000$ per day -Print Works >>> complete the mission "" to generate 8000$ per day -The Malibu >>> complete all of it's missions to generate 10000$ per day -Sunshine Autos >>> complete all 4 export lists to generate maximum of 9000$ per day Now, I think you have to complete all assets except : Boatyard, Strip Club and Ice Cream factory. After you do so (and complete all other storyline missions), you will recieve a phone call from Print Works and you'll have to chase two people on Sanchez stealing your money. Then, after you complete it, the final mission will get unlocked. Hope it helped.
  25. You can enter : -by helicopter -by boat -by bike by doing an uniqe stunt over the wall -buying the studio I think you have to complete "Dildo Dodo" mission so that Skimmer spawns there. Film studio is on Prawn Island, the little island on the north with that gang and gang houses on it.
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