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  1. It was impossible to win the cold war. It was all about spying each others because USA was scared of the Russia, and vice versa. It was just all about improving military, so it was kinda impossible to be the first to "reach 100%".
  2. Yeah, it did. Thanks a lot. btw. don't mind about the pm, I sent you before I saw this topic
  3. I said that LCS will not come out only for PSP. And if something is on PS2, it's sure gonna be on PC. Get this thing: GTA game -> $$$money$$$ So it seems that GTA4 is going to be a bit dissapointing. I just have a bad feeling that R* is starting to act like EA. But hey, people have to eat something .
  4. No upgrades for a laptop. Buy a new one (although they are expensive).
  5. Have you done the mission "keep your friends close", bought all safehoses, bought all assets and did their missions? Cause 30% is too small percentage for all missions. When I completed all VC missions, I got about 60% (and a lot more for all other things).
  6. Yeah, OK, I know dial-up sucks but these two files are about 400kb in total. You can upload them in about 2 minutes. btw. I have school in 2 weeks (one and a half)
  7. Could anyone just post original leviathn. txd and leviathn.dff files. I accidentaly deleted them, instead of extracting them. I used the chinook mod but it has some bugs so it's useless.
  8. In VC you were also able to eat and heal yourself. GTA is arcade, in real life there are no "heart icons", but it would be nice if you could carry a first aid kit and heal yourself when you need it most. Totaly agree, but it would take forever to make every building accesible. It wasn't possible in SA, and you had like max 10 interiors for hundreds of houses all over SA. But it would be awesome if you could enter into them and climb to the top floor and snipe people from there. There should be staircases like the ones you had in VC, that hotel opposite of Malibu, where you had to photograph that politician, "Martha's mug shot" mission. You can easily download mods to make almost any vehicle go into Transfender. There are like tons of that mod, each by another author, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one. With it you can take bikes into transfender and buy NOS, change colour, buy bass boost, or buy hydraulics. Sure, there are lots of scenarios where you could make choices, so R* should use that. I also had to change all the controls before playing SA, but that mouse look feature in vehicles is one of the good things.
  9. GTA III, VC & SA are real places, they just have another names, but the locations are the same. GTA2 and GTA weren't real places, however.
  10. OK. but just screw gravity mods. They are stupid and only for loooooosers. If you want some nice stunt mods, go to: http://www.gta-downloads.com/pafiledb.php?...=category&id=10. They have a really nice list of vehicle and map mods and I'm sure you'll find something useful.
  11. No, Elvis cut brings you 0 sex appeal and 0 respect. Blond Cornow (550$) increases your sex appeal and respect by 30 (60 points in total) Here's a pretty handful list: Clothing, Tatto & Haircuts
  12. Memory hacking is disabled, not mods like new models or textures. That means you can't use any trainers but you can replace gta3.img files (or any others).
  13. It's possible! You can get a bike or motorbike on the top of that skyscraper (with a parachute on it) in LS by driving it into the yellow marker. Then you'll spawn on the top of it with the vehicle. Cars and others don't work though.
  14. OK, I believe you that you've got 7 series but not with 512MB RAM because there are no GeForce 7xxx with 512MB (unless you bought another 256MB)
  15. Really great vid. The best stunt was the one with a bike that jumped from the Gant bridge and landed on that Reefer.
  16. Simple. Don't use any. You don't need them at all. What's the point if you mod your gravity so that you can pull off 10 corkscrews on a little jump ramp? It just gets out all the fun.
  17. Get an off-road vehicle. Use the police Rancher or Mesa because they are fast and very good off road.
  18. If you go on the internet on it, it's probably a virus. format your disc and re-install the windows. Backup your documents if you don't want to lose them.
  19. VCMM never works for me. When I do it manually, I know that it will work.
  20. This is topic about San Andreas, not about Vice City. I know it's possible in VC.
  21. You click on downloads\videos\san andreas\e-space track day 1\ then click save target as on the "download" image.
  22. Is it possible to do that? I've read about it on the internet and it says that you just have to get with the vehicle into a marker. Well, it doesn't work for me. What am I doing wrong?
  23. Probably no because there is no "Liberty City". There is only that St. Marks Bistro and everything other doesn't exsist.
  24. There are a lot of Burger Shots in SA. Which one?
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