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  1. No way man! So far I've seen only one graphics card with 512mb, some new ATI, very expensive. Not even GeForce 7800GTX Cool FX has 512mb ram. If you've got a SLI, which I doubt, because there are no VGA cards that support SLI, and besides, that would cost you completely new computer, because you have to buy a new motherboard. VGA is an old standard, all good cards have PCI-express. So it's more like 128 or 256.
  2. It's rocketla.txd, not rocketla.txt. txt are text (notepad) files. You also have to edit the weapons.dat (not sure about the extension) and put in the new lines for rocket launcher or it won't act like it had 6 rockets.
  3. Very simple Get to the Angel Pine's hospital (sort of) and steal an ambulance. Do them there because it's so easy in a small, isolated town. And, oh yeah, turn off the trainers.
  4. I think that every video card with 128MB ram is good enough for maximum details, anti-aliasing, 1024x768 or 1280x1024 resolution and very high FX quality. SA just always makes me cry at it's graphics, even I've put into tons of mods to make the models and textures quality much better. There just isn't a mod to upgrade the game's engine! Just one thing. That GeForce 6600 OC is better than the GT version?
  5. I'll be getting a new monitor. Probably Samsung 770 P or 960BF.
  6. Complete the pizza boy mission (level 10) for 150 health. Paramedic unlocks infinite sprint and firetruck unlock fireproof ability. Police unlocks 150 armour. Get 100% in VC and get both health and armour 200.
  7. Anyone know where to find the Mower? I've got 98.44% complete and still haven't found any, although I was looking for them a lot.
  8. I don't know about you, but I missed that view in VC and 3. Now it's much easier to see what's near you when driving. Also, switching the view to bumper cam should fix the problem.
  9. There is also one behind the gas station in SF (the one with photo-op)
  10. I do a lot of barrel rolls outside the school. It's best to do them in San Fierro because it's got a lot of jump ramps. There is one near Katie's home, two at the western tunnel entrance, also near Katie's home. There is also one near that supermarket. Two best vehicles to use are Bullet and Blista Compact. Barrel rolls are quite tricky to master because you have to hit the edge but at the same time you have to fly up high and turn very fast at the beggining because when you rotate over 180', you stop turning, so turn hard or you'll end up on the roof. The hardest part is landing it. You'll usually turn over unless you land it perfectly. This also depends on what car are you driving. You can always do one in driving school, but it's so damn easy to do that it has no use outside.
  11. Music: rock or metal No mods, no taxies exploding, no ice cream vans turning, no violence, no replay text, no fraps watermark, more stunts, better stunts...you get the point!?
  12. Sorry, I didn't know there is a no cd crack because VC reads sound files (except radio stations) from the CD. I had full install but I also had crappy CD reader so it always lagged before you heard a character saying something. That might be the solution.
  13. You cannot play VC without the CD2 inserted.
  14. Delete the gtavc.set (or something familiar) file in your user files folder and it should revert back to the original settings.
  15. You messed with the gravity too much and those in game scenes, especially taxi exploding and that sniper heatshot were useless. I won't say anithing about music, but it's a bit gay. Sorry, but I don't like it.
  16. ADRENALINE Duration: 7:17 Size: 70.7 MB Resolution: 640x480 Type: MPEG1 Here's my first stunting movie. It took me a week to finish it but I think it's OK now. I recorded it with Fraps1.9d and I didn't use any cheats or gravity/handling mods.
  17. You have to modify the "carmods.dat" file, but don't ask me how.
  18. Cheating destroys, not the missions. Cause, you see, I never cheated, ever, and got that mission from the very first try. If you cheat a lot, then you just can't stop it and you're lost when you have to play in a fair way (without entering cheats, stuff like drive-by or PIT don't count).
  19. Stowaway. As a reward you get a looooooooooong way down.
  20. How much HDD space does it have? According to you, it has 1 000 TB.
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