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  1. So you edited the .dat files. Please, when I ask you: You should answer: Yes, I've replaced vehicle and handling files You shouldn't say: Oh god! We have 2 pages of crap just because someone can't say WHAT FILES he has replaced.
  2. Well isn't it obvious that the trainer is causing problems. Run the game without any trainers.
  3. Spawn a car? Does that mean that you're using car spawn trainer or something?
  4. There, you can download a mod to make that truck with a box on it and with a ramp. Transporter mod
  5. Well, all I advise you to do is that you check all the files in gta3.img and see if they're all correctly replaced. Just one thing. You said that you replaced 2 files and 10 vehicles. Which two files? Cause if you replaced some of .dat or .cfg files that have bugs, that might be the problem. Still, you can try to revert back all the original files and see if it works well.
  6. You have one. It's called DFT-900 just it has a flat back so you can transport cars.
  7. How many files you had to replace? Maybe you missplaced some files if there were more than one.
  8. You just need to get right under Sweet before his grip runs out and he'll jump on your car. You can't catch him if his grip runs out.
  9. Awesome editing! The story is nice, but I expected something like hitman diaries, with dialogue. this Doesn't mean that I didn't like it. It's great vid actually.
  10. *lol* Same for me. Just the thing is I bought the components in September, not December. And for the Christmas, I got a new monitor which me and my dad bought, so both of us gave some of our money. Now, you two don't flame on other topics. Some people have consoles and low-end computers for internet or multimedia, others prefer to have hi-end computer for gaming, internet, multimedia, video/audio editing etc. I prefer to have this second choice. When I had like 7-8 years, I wanted to buy a PS2 because some of my friends had it. Only one of them had a comp. My parents didn't like the idea because they knew that PC can do much more than a console. By that time all I wanted was to play games, so I didn't care what would it be. So, my dad any I decided to buy a comp. I gave my money for the monitor and my dad bought all the rest and built a PC. Still, I didn't know the difference. Later, when I was 11 years old, I started to realise the other possibilities of a PC. Also, all the time I thought my comp was a crap, but then I saw it was actually a hi-end comp made of all the best parts avaliable at that time. My dad spent more than 3500$ on it! That PC lasted for 7 years until the last year I decided that it's really time to buy a new one. For the price of a 64-bit P4 on 3.2Ghz I could buy a 360. For the price of a ASUS GeForce N6800 LE Extreme I could buy a PS3 (if it was out). Not to mention an new ASUS motherboard, 200GB SATA HDD, 2x 512MB DDR2 RAM on 533Mhz, Dual-layer DVD recorder, 2 coolers and a new ATX2 power supply. So, basically, it's not a financial problem, it's about what people prefer and need. I prefer all-in-one because PC editions of games have mods and upgrades, higher level of details (depends on configuration) and you can always upgrade your PC with a joystick, gamepad or a steering wheel. Btw. I can't edit movies on 360 or PS3 and I can't edit them on a crappy comp.
  11. Ahhhhhhh. Electro gun. That was my favourite weapon. The more people/vehicles are together, the more damage you make. I don't think you can make such a weapon for VC because it doesn't act like other weapons.
  12. I think he asks about more traffic, not about spawn points. Not sure about VC, but SA had cargrp.dat file, so it's proabably the same with VC.By editing that file (with notepad) you can regulate the traffic density.
  13. Hope so But nothing has been specified yet.
  14. And what's even worse, PC edition will come out probably a year after that.
  15. I liked those open-up mods. Maybe you could try to make an AT-400 open up or a Shamal open-up who has an interior from the Freefall mission. Or even a train open-up.
  16. Well, they have time till the end of 2007. :'(
  17. It was average video. All stunts were very nice, especially because you didn't use any mods. My favourite were those stunts when jumping into boats. However, you should remove that REPLAY text with GXT editor and use Fraps 1.9d (works on WinXP as well) to record your stunts because it has unlimited recording time and no watermark and still is capable of recording at 640x480. Also, woudn't mind if you've synchronised the video with sound.
  18. 8 cities or 2 cities, it doesn't matter. They will all be the same size altogether so you won't get bored whatever you choose. I chosed 2 collosal because they would have more complexity than 8 small cities.
  19. Victim gets unlocked when you unlock Las Venturas. And about that suit. I think you have similar things in Didier Sachs so no need for a mod. You unlock it when you return to Los Santos (chapter 6).
  20. There, I've put the link. So what do you think?
  21. If you have moded main.scm file, the savegame won't work if it's based on another script file. If you have v2 game, then it's probably v1 savegame and also won't work. If it's a corrupt file, downoad it again and try it this time.
  22. I vote for 2 collosal cities, to be the size of real cities. They would have center, financial district, hills, beach, chinatown, red light districts, poor districts, rich districts, industrial districts, complexes, monuments, and suburbs of course. They would be over a few smaller islands, each part connected by a highway that goes all over the city, have train stations, metroes, trams, bus stations...
  23. I've made my second stunt vid. This time it's only airplanes. Hydra and stuntplane, to be correct. Size: 63.1MB Type: MPEG-2 Resolution: 640x480 Duration: 4:40 This time I've really taken my time and chose only the best clips, synchronised the vid with sound, made an introduction story and chose the very best soundtrack. I think it's a really nice movie this time, but judge it by yourself. Any comments are welcome download
  24. You have to complete the whole school. The last test is parachuting on target. Only when you pass it (with 70%+) you'll pass the mission, get a pilot licence, your flying skill will go up and you'll get a parachute whenever you enter a plane or a heli.
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