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  1. Where should the next GTA be based? Is what i want to know.I think it should be based in Sydney,Australia.(I hope someone who works with Rockstar is reading this)
  2. bfmw

    new boats

    In my opinion there should be: -Ferry to transport cars -Submarines -Raft -Canoes
  3. bfmw

    Unwanted GTA IV Features

    Maybe they might of been emo??
  4. I think they should have tazers, paintball markers,switchblade,sledge hammer.
  5. bfmw

    How long should GTA:IV be?

    I think it should take 2 months to finish.So that way no-one will get bored with it.
  6. bfmw

    Vehicles in future GTAs

    Referring to someone elses post.I also think they should have indicators on cars,much like Mafia.And the car/s i want in GT4 are as follows: -Subaru Impreza -Subaru Liberty -Ford F500 -Ford Mustang -Holden Commodore -Holden Monaro -Toyota Yaris -Nissan Skyline GTR(A more detailed version than the Elegy in GTA: SA) -Toyota Tarago
  7. Here are my suggestions as follows: -It's Too Late-Evermore vs. Dirty South -Download This Song-MC Lars -Saying Sorry-Hawthorne Heights -An Honest Mistake-The Bravery -Get Up Out Of The Dirt-ButterFingers
  8. The aircraft i think should be in GTA4 are as follows: -Chinook -F14 Fighter Jet -Stealth Bomber
  9. bfmw

    GTA vs Real-life

    GTA: You fire a rocket at a building,it doesnt crumble Real life: You fire a rocket at a building and it crashed down
  10. bfmw

    Anyone still play vicecity?

    I got it when it went down to $15(Cheapo lol) And i finished it in 2 days,With no trainers
  11. bfmw


    That would be so COOL!!!!! And you had to pay for the petrol.Kinda reminds me of Mafia That would be so COOL!!!!! And you had to pay for the petrol.Kinda reminds me of Mafia
  12. bfmw

    Grand Theft Auto 4 gangs

    I think they should have crips,bloods, & the vietnamese gangs.
  13. bfmw

    >>GTA4 Wishlist<<

    Hey all, What new features should there be?.I personally think the police should act as if it was real instead of shooting the guy/girl to death.And you should be able to blow up all buildings.And you should be able to fill your car up with petrol.
  14. Hey all, I think you should be able to pick up things of the ground such as,twigs,pots,pans,and etc.
  15. bfmw


    I agree with the poster it is VERY ANNOYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. bfmw


    There is one to the East of the boat school,North of Abandoned Airstrip, and Near the Dam