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  1. Yeh, i thought this was an awesome game to. If there was a GTA-Saints Row mix up, itd kick ass. Has anyone else completed it? the ending was retarded, and i was thouroughly dissapointed with it.
  2. yeh its summit IVE wanted to know aswell!
  3. ^ eats aqua stuff < *elaborates show details* v is called TEC 9
  4. ^ lurves ATHF < wonders what ahtf is v loves pie
  5. even if you get zmodeler, youre dumb 9 yr old mind probably wont be able to take it
  6. sounds good but ill be a lot happier when they tell us the next gta city. my heart jumped when i saw rockstar anounces LA. i thought that would be the next city lol.
  7. juggalo you racist f*** get a life. i knew this topic would have racial comments in it.
  8. ahh go on the sa-mp forum and there is a patch thing for it. i got the same error. it not a virus so dont worry lol!
  9. lol man! yeh sorry for the wierd question bear, i just dont know any girls that like gta. didnt think there were any.
  10. LOl man! oh, and is i just short a bear a girl?
  11. yeh, they look really good! why dont someone try gta4?
  12. he had it coming when he first registered and made 10 topics about the same thing. im happy now .
  13. i have to agree, these things arent actually people, they are drivers made to advertise things on forums. they generate random registrations and spam up the place. on the SanAndreasCustoms page, we had to get a new one, as spam bots flooded the forum. so as chris said, dont reply, just ignore it.
  14. Agreed I am soooooooooooooo happy! we've finally got rid of this little troll! Chris, i bow down to you. you did the right thing.
  15. Ava- 8/10 (its funny) Sig- 6/10 (i dont get it) Pers- hes ok, its just the fact he wishes we will burn sorta puts you off him.
  16. i thought catalina was cool, but as said, her missions pissed me off. PRAISE JESUS! 100 POSTS
  17. .just look! there are many guides around, why not look for them? shouldnt be TO hard.
  18. slayer is rite. i think we're getting a tx3000 clone here...
  19. what you do is... get the car from VC you want. get the texture AND diff files for it. open zmodeler. take a look at the names of each part. ie ped_backseat_hi or sumthin like that. now deleate all parts of it that say 'hi'. export from zmodeler as a SA dff. open up txd workshop 3.5+ and import the cars txd's. compress all the files. put the files into gta3.img in san andreas using img tool. fire up the game and you should have the car you replaced. im not a person that converts over from vc, i convert from MW mainly. (i converted the M3) so im not sure if this will work 100% hope it helps you out though! :):)
  20. i like him as he is the only one in gta that can swim!
  21. be patient man! no i havent seen of any concorde mods. whats wrong with searching yourself?
  22. congrats chris, now head over to the pub and get pissed! (id come with you but im only 13, oh well, if you wait 5 years ill come along )!
  23. LOL! i was just scanning through gtagamings forums and i came accross a palm tree mod. now, half of them are complaining that it crashes half way through loading. well it is obviously the v2 boogie man crept up on them again. these people at gtag are so inexperienced with modding that none of them no that its the v2 mod blocker. id tell them how dumb, i mean id tell them the problem if i wasnt banned from there for being the only mod experienced dude there. so please shut em up and tell em if you are on there. or you can take a look and just laugh. i did that a lot. http://www.gtagaming.com/forums/showthread.php?t=69873
  24. ummmmm. i got........... 100
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