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  1. I think the same 2. But I am just going to hang out in that day
  2. the gangster theme is so much better than the Mafia Theme, the Mafia is kinda dead now the gangs are rising which makes it better. SA was so fun shooting at other gangs No they are not are not racist they actually have back up from other gangs like Latinos same thing goes with the Bloods
  3. this is just a advertising bot theres alot of these now
  4. Charger


    Do I believe on them maybe sometimes no, well I saw 2 circles really little on the sky making circles like nothing they where really far up not sure what it its but they where making circles then lines it could be anything
  5. Krazie Bone ft 2pac- Untouchable >> NEW
  6. also where can you buy guns you have to back to Stauton and get them there thast why its better there stauton
  7. Stauton Island had ammu nation and Phil's gun shop
  8. interesting but well we will see, I still would liek more info on what you can do and cant on 1 big Article
  9. its real great but more info will be nice, there is a little of side missions which is bad hope thats not all
  10. shoot other gangs or just make cool police stand offs
  11. eevry large GTA site has more guest than active members just look at gtaportable gtawh, and the others
  12. if it happens I think its to late only the U.S and some 4 other countrys doing something about it? what about the others? I think it may be to late I havent seen no changes of how to stop this Cali is one of the first states to do something but look at the rest not that much work
  13. I think LCS wont come out for the PC R* is already busy with GTAIV and maybe the next PSP GTA they even said there was no plan for bringing GTA VCS to the PS2 because how they where working with GTA4 I dont see it happening
  14. I wanted the Cholos to be in our side they are pretty cool gangsters but they are our enemies now
  15. they wont listen They may readi it but not going to get any info from it, but its likely it wont
  16. tommy in the game? well teh video was good and it looks like a lowrider will be on the game
  17. I think everything is taken I would have always liked police lights on any car it will look like Neon Lights
  18. I think yes but after you have pass the game with the actual main character then after you pass it you can go ahead and make your own because if you create your own before I think GTA won't feel that good
  19. I want a M16, new guns the Military Have now but good one's
  20. Great for England and Mexico was elimanated by Argentina, I hope Argentina wins now and beats Brazil maybe??
  21. Hello everyone some may know me from Gtaportable im here to stay
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