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  1. You can wait for Black Friday (After Thanksgiving), where you can spot some nice deals on some computers. If you don't mind, you an get a really good PC that is refurbished/cheap, with warranty of course. This one is good but not great: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 GHz 4gb Ram Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT 750gb HD 600$
  2. Too bad it was only for PC.
  3. Its funny, but I don't know if this is real. It is Maury, a talk show.
  4. Looks great, and it doesn't look like it needs any good graphics card.
  5. Is there splitscreen? Its important since I like to race with friends, or brothers.
  6. My Tuesday? Working at the Los Angeles Superior Court (Heavily Guarded) . Then come home in the afternoon for some COD4 ass-whooping, and some B-Ball.
  7. And.. With the PSP comes a Birthday Gift of Hijack Happy B-day rappo.
  8. Hopefully you back up your files. What tools are you using to mod?
  9. There's a GTA3.img file in the User Files? Shouldn't it be in the San Andreas Folder.
  10. Is the Save File V1? btw, try not to make another topic on Save Games.
  11. Go to program files., then Rockstar Games and click the San Andreas Folder.
  12. I recommend Realplayer. Its installed in your computer, and you can download almost any video online. http://real.com
  13. Good news, but he will probably register at some other state.
  14. Nope, but when I'm 18 yeah I'm going. Next year
  15. They're easy to find, should be at almost every Electronic Store/Game Store. Here's one at Buy.com: http://www.buy.com/prod/playstation-3-dual.../207536742.html You can use Google, for more results.
  16. Imageshack is terrible, site is always slow. I either go with http://Tinypic.com or http://isarapix.com/
  17. Call your local Gamestop or other stores. And make sure they have GTA SA for PC. That way you don't waste time.
  18. 1.)The police don't shoot him, because he has the no wanted level cheat. 2.) I found the Crown Vic Car mod, only that its white: http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...&themeid=41 You can get more better Police cars here: http://gta-worldmods.planet-multiplayer.de...d=54&type=4 The newest ones, require a better Video car. It is possible for them to run if your video card is not good.
  19. The DOC FT MC Ren, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg- The Shit
  20. Go to your Start Menu, then "My Computer". Once your there, click the C Drive, then the folders, one by one until you reach the Rockstar Games Folder. C Drive/ Users / (Your Computer Name)/ AppData/ Local/ Virtual Store/ Program Files If you see a Rockstar Games Folder, delete it. Also make sure you can see all hidden folders.
  21. I know the problem. Follow these instructions to delete the GTA3img that is copied by UAC: (Make sure all Hidden Folders are seen.) My Computer>> C Drive >> Users >> (Your Name) >> AppData >> Local >> Virtual Store >> Program Files Delete the Rockstar Games Folder. Next Time when installing Mods make sure you run as Administrator.
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