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  1. Yeah its comes out here in the U.S on MyNetworkTV. Its a cool show, like guessing how they do the acts, and I sometimes get it right.
  2. That is just stupid. Anyway, just tell your mom your almost 17 (1 yr away). And I'm sure that there is store in your town that sells games to any age, just look around for those small retail stores.
  3. Ninguino trajo la ropa blanca. Is that okay?
  4. I watched "Site down, Shut Up" the first time, and it was GARBAGE, not even a giggle. I'm looking forward for The Cleveland Show" that's gonna be great.
  5. All that stuff looks like it was made up. I haven't seen most of the foods listed there.
  6. Create a Partition: http://www.theeldergeek.com/hard_drives_07.htm Since your installing another OS, you may was to set a lot of Hardrive space for it. After its created, just insert the OS disc, and choose your created partition. Make sure you give a lot of space for your OS.
  7. How safe is that site, I noticed their email account is from Gmail....
  8. Is it better to remove the beta and install the RC one?
  9. AVG isn't even good, I prefer Avast or Avira. I use Avira combined with Comodo Firewall, and I'm very satisfied. Norton is also good, no problems at all, too bad it expired.
  10. Wouldn't Windows Update downloaded it automatically? Or do we need to download it manually?
  11. I don't find any problem with GTAF, I think its an okay forum, and that's where I'm active the most. It may have been crap back then, but I've seen improvements.
  12. Have you encountered any problems with SP2, you think its good to download?
  13. Un-pluggin your computer one day isn't going to work. The next time your PC connects its going to activate.
  14. Just back out, if you think you can't take him. Is it really worth getting your ass kicked? Just tell him, his girl kissed you and its not your problem. The girl came to you. Now if he's your size, then you could go for it. But if he's way bigger than you, then no.
  15. Yo se mas espanol que todos ustedes. Ustedes estan enpensando.
  16. Wow, I can't believe people ACTUALLY fall for this when April Fools is just 2 days away. Idiots.
  17. Charger


    I think its a good game, just that the environment in there seems pretty weak.
  18. Since where talking about AV protection here. Anyone thinks the latest Comodo Internet Security is good? I switched it for AT&T McAfee Internet Security suite last week.
  19. He may be talking about PMG (Pimp My Garage) from Cheatsync.
  20. Not sure if this is the site, but try this one: http://www.bravenet.com/ When I used it back then, it was pretty good.
  21. Alright thanks, I'll see what I can do.
  22. Ok, when I do replace the Graffiti writing I get this image: How do I make it right?
  23. I was going to pre order Killzone 2, but I didn't want to take any chances. Haze receive lots of Hype, and it was crap. I'll see how it goes, and I'll buy it later.
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