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  1. Usually the mod you download has a readme that has information on how to install the mod.
  2. MTV, Comedy Central, TruTV, TNT, USA, Discover Channel, National Geographic, History.
  3. Seems good, I'll I need is a 512mb Video Card.
  4. Anyone notice the 3 earthquakes that happened today? Chile, Japan, and Indonesia? 5.0+, a bit weird. But I don't see any relation with the LHC, why would it cause earthquakes.
  5. God is GOD, he can create ANYTHING he want's. If he couldn't do that, wouldn't he be useless? The Big Bang had to be made somehow. It just doesn't magically appear.
  6. There's professors out there, who say this is safe and nothing to worry about. I'm talking about Top Professors.
  7. Can you put the wmv files manual? Or do I need a program?
  8. Yeah I remember this when it came out on MadTV, lol its funny.
  9. Agreed... And, if you load new tabs, Chrome loads it as a separate process; fire up Task Manager and you'll see several chrome.exe processes... That's actually good, if one of your Tabs crashes, the others remain open. It also does not use lots of memory. Its a great feature.
  10. You Have Vista? When you replace a mod with another, does it remain the same?
  11. I downloaded hours ago, its nice and fast. But I miss some of the features from FF. The scroll bar is bad, I try to scroll up and it leads me back to the bottom of the page. I'll keep using it for now.
  12. The DJ of Radio Los Santos, mentions Fog several Times (no surprise there). I just haven't experience the Green Fog.
  13. Bone Thugs N Harmony- First OF The Month
  14. Possible, but I don't think it would be permitted. People have to die, if nobody died we would all suffer because the Earth can't sustain a population that never decreases from people dying. That's why people shoot each other, blow themselves up, accidents, etc..
  15. It is a beta, so you can expect problems. I'll download it once I hear its okay.
  16. Tokyo Drift was okay, I prefer the old ones. I'll be watching Fast And Furious next year once its out. I have seen the trailer its okay.
  17. I saw almost all of the 2057 Episodes. I believe it will be hard to have a city as shown in the episodes in 2057. I don't think we will Rebuild every Building and modernize it. Just look at today, in Los Angeles, there are buildings/houses that are 100 yrs old. Cities like Dubai, located in the Middle East, are building Cities that are way modernize than ours. http://images.google.com/images?q=Dubai&am...sa=N&tab=wi As for the Health, Military technology, that's possible.
  18. Do you keep downloading these save files from the same site? Try using other websites, like this one.
  19. There are camera's in schools, but they are located in the Hallways, well at least in my School. As for locked doors, from the outside yes, inside no.
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