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  1. I used Workshop, but when I opened those txd files, all I get is blue or purple colors. I don't see the graffiti writing, I would like to edit.
  2. Anyone know how I can change the Gang tags to another kind of font and rename them?
  3. I just got windows 7 and using Mozilla. Norton says the site has to viruses: Threats found: 2 Here is a complete list: Threat Name: Trojan.Vundo.B File name: /apps/Symantec/shasta/analysis/cache/cache_22/1107274317_MTAInstall05.exe Signature (MD5): 2909dbbee2a6cc36650e101a38272122 Location: http://files.gtainside.com/downloads/ftp/1...TAInstall05.exe Threat Name: Trojan.Vundo.B File name: /apps/Symantec/shasta/analysis/cache/cache_513/MTAInstall05.exe Signature (MD5): 2909dbbee2a6cc36650e101a38272122 Location: http://www.thegtaplace.com/downloads/mta/MTAInstall05.exe It may be some trainers.
  4. He's probably talking about how to get them for GTA.
  5. Looks very good, well done. btw Happy New Year!
  6. I wouldn't say any console, I have moved my PS3 multiple times when playing a game, and never had scratches on my discs. I even accidentally kicked it before.
  7. Your PSP is bricked. Same thing happened to me, when I accidentally dropped it. All I could do is turn it on with a black Screen.
  8. I remember when I got this, I don't remember the error code. All I did was first recover my files then reinstall Windows Vista.
  9. I couldn't connect to home, I have updated.
  10. Well my bro got Resistance 2, so I'll be trying it out, if its any good (which I expect it to be) I'll be getting it this weekend.
  11. Carbon was the last one for me, I actually found it good. After Pro Street I believe everything just went down hill, no one payed attention. Midnight Club was the game to be at top.
  12. I saw the trailer, weeks ago. Disappointing, even before it was release, I had my doubts. I'll be skipping this one.
  13. Resistance 2 has offline Co-op right?
  14. Not delayed anymore: http://theangrypixel.com/blog/2008/11/30/g...-3-for-inr-499/
  15. Well Home is okay, got boring quickly though. I haven't tried out the newest update, will do later today.
  16. Charger


    Reinstall to your computer again?
  17. I have a question, do the warnings ever disappear?
  18. I've seen this mod before, hopefully you didn't steal it.
  19. You can decrease the wanted level with this: Type: LEAVEMEALONE Also GTAForums might help you since they have lots of Modders.
  20. You need a Subscription to live, yearly its 60$. And you do need DSL/Broadband for Online Gaming, anything than dial up.
  21. Just got accepted to the Home Beta! Check your email guys.
  22. Not sure. But Here are some more good Gaming Computers: http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/landingpages/qx9650/default.asp
  23. Real Player Plug in should be added. Real good when it comes to downloading videos online.
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