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  1. ^ Made an interesting statement < Can't think of his own v Can
  2. I just think it's more honest not to cheat.
  3. I don't think I can get it though cause I live in South Africa
  4. A Core Duo can run at anything from 1.83GHz to 2.33GHz and in 64bit.
  5. I knew I'd seen it somewhere. Lol!
  6. People can Google cheats for themselves buddy, besides alot of people don't use cheats.
  7. Well for a modern genuine Intel dual-core compatible motherboard it'll set ya back around $649 to $847
  8. Here dude have it framed Anyway... I didn't like Catalina much, crazy b###h's missions are too messed up.
  9. Nope, no idea. I would wait for a quad core one though, they're only coming out in 2007 but if you get a Intel it'll be old news in a few months. Rather get the latest technology when it is the latest technology, duo-core processors have been out for a couple months.
  10. Never heard of it, with my vote that makes 50%.
  11. That's huge! It musthave taken someone ages to make! I agree with Tilly though, but I think at least different angles would be cool or at least better detail.
  12. GTA VC was my fav but most of the others are still cool.
  13. If you wait a while you can get a quad-cre CPU from AMD.
  14. Tommy, He's still the coolest and not claude cause I want to be able to speak and not CJ cause he has a white nose.
  15. LOL! I know it was stupid but it was the only way to unlock some things like the cop outfit, monster truck etc.
  16. I'ts not real, it's photoshoped. I first saw this pic on the net with mom written in place of wife.
  17. I'm not trying to imply anything but JustAFan hasn't found anything funny recently. Like the post about advantages of being a guy.
  18. It's Worms World Party............ Next
  19. Nope later than that, I think this was the last Worms released before Worms 3D.
  20. Who's your fav gal from the GTA series?
  21. ^ ...as much as I like root canals < Gonna get a root canal v Is reading this upside-down
  22. Pretty Easy to start it off again, I'll accept the game or the add-on's name
  23. GTAFlashfire


    FEAR is scary, especialy when you climb up that one ladder and see that girl staring you in the face or the telekinesis (tiles coming off of walls etc.). Reminds me of the atmosphere when you come face to face with the Flood in Halo.
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