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  1. Remember when I said replayability, you can play the game again and catch up on the path you never took. You talked about killing Tenpenny, they are the main antagonists of the story, you can make some choices and change some things but at the end of the day some things have to stay the same.
  2. Yeah but rules are rules. Once he's got 30 posts admin will probably let him put it in his sig.
  3. Jace is right, cheats are for losers. Just swim, you don't have to cheat, all you need is a little patience.
  4. Well I'm South African... NEway I just remembered dat the day after I got back frm da hospital I stubbed my toe badly on the stairs, there was a piece of flesh half the length and height hanging from it. All I felt was a sting though, the burns messed up my sense of pain and temperature for a while. I also crashed my motorbike into our gate the day after I got it and busted my gums up badly.
  5. You mean like change how the game starts off?
  6. The ability to change the path you take has been on wishlists for GTAs for a long while. Rockstar should really add the feature. And I agree that we should be able to choose being good or bad.
  7. Yeah, in San Andreas you could fly for ages over the ocean. They scripted the game so that it created more ocean. Why not do that with land, it will all have to look similar but its still better than an un-connected Island being a capital. It wouldn't be too hard, alot of plants in san andreas are randomly spawned.
  8. That would be more realistic crimson but it wouldn't be that fun, maybe your choices dictate whether lose it and you try to get it all back but your performance and choices influence what happens, thats the way to give a game the most replayability. We'll just have to see.
  9. I was once making chips but I was bored of waiting for the oil to get hot. So I set the temp too high it started to smoke the whole house up. I picked up the pot to take it outside but I spilled it on one hand and then in a reflex shot it up spilling half of what was left of the oil on my other hand and arm. I was in hospital for five days and had to wear bandages for 3 months.
  10. I know what you mean, the last forum I spent alot of time on had the same problem, lots of new members came, posted a few times, got bored and never came back again.
  11. I think the Rinspeed Splash should be included. http://www.rinspeed.com/pages/cars/splash/pre-splash.htm
  12. GTA will never have the entire world integrated, ever. It's too much data. San Andreas is measly compared to real life when you think about the actual proportions. They might add more than one city, like you can fly to Liberty, Vice or San Andreas but never anything bigger than a city and it's countryside. I don't doubt that there will be cities that you can fly between though.
  13. Slow clothes changing, food eating system, unrealistic speeds for almost everything, mountain bike challenges. Characters like Zero. Police choppers that fly through walls and shoot out the bottom of the cockpit, stupid/flawed wanted system, getting busted too easily . Alot of the things some of you mentioned are for realism (although I agree with you about the girlfriend thing). EDIT: BTW This topic is about what you don't want to return guys.
  14. The X-Box is gonna use a new RAM format but I agree that its not as good as the PS, although I still think consoles are like huge bird droppings on the windscreen of technology.
  15. Hey all, I'm new to the forums. I've been wandering around the main site for a while and I thought I'd join.
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