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  1. You had me for a second when I saw the pink background, but the unicorn and rainbow made me realize what was up.
  2. Patty-T

    Suicide(?) Guy

    I'm pretty sure that it's meant to be an easter egg, and a pretty awesome one at that! It happens just after you fly under the bridge. Turn the camera so it points behind the helicopter, and you'll see him falling. I don't think it's a glitch because it happens everytime I do that mission, and the ped doesn't normally spawn anywhere, just in the Riot mission, and in Phnom Penh '86. I would reckon that the guy was commiting suicide after losing his job at the construction place after the riot.
  3. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Wishlist

    Some original comedic songs, like Love Fist. The ability to shoot ANY gun from a car. Some would be much more accurate than others, but all would have the option.
  4. Patty-T

    GTA Franchise Not Leaving The PSP

    I REALLY hope that there will be another GTA on PSP. I bought a PSP just for Vice City Stories. And now I hardly ever use it, except once a year when I get the urge to play VCS.
  5. Patty-T

    GTA 5 Main Hub

    Isn't time the fourth dimension? Would GTA V actually be able to travel backwords and forwords through time? Wow. So we have that to look forward to....
  6. Patty-T

    First impressions of the game

    I bought a DS yesterday JUST for this game. I'm glad I did. I LOVE the drug dealing system. I also really like the storyline. It has a sense of urgency like Vice City did. , and there's no time to screw around with things like casinos. Another thing I like about the storyline is
  7. Well I didn't spoil any major things about the plotline.
  8. YES! I'm totally looking forward to this game. I felt that one of the things GTA IV lacked was a constant theme, you just worked for so many different types of people. I'm hoping that this game keeps with the Triad theme throughout it.
  9. Patty-T

    Gay Marriage

    Marriage in general is a pretty weird thing. But I totally think gay people should be able to get married. In fifty years, we'll look back to today and say, "What a strange thing that gay people couldn't get married.", just like when we look back at the days of slavery.
  10. Patty-T

    VC vs. VCS

    There's that bridge in VCS connecting Little Havana with Fort Baxter.
  11. Patty-T

    Ghost Missing

    I JUST did that mission and got that boat. Are there any diffrences from the police boat other than colour and guns? Like speed or handling?
  12. Patty-T

    Female Cops!

    I think that was Barbara, one of the girlfriends. I was surprised there wern't female cops in GTA IV. There were several types of male cops, but no girls. It's not like it would be controversal or anything. A dead cop is a dead cop, regardless of whether they pee standing up or sitting down. (300th post. Nice.)
  13. Has any one managed to get behind st. marks bistro. If so is it any thing like the behind of the bistro in SA? area.bmp
  14. Patty-T

    Memorable Quotes

    "I must have pissed off someone real bad in a past life."- Tommy Vercetti The thing I really love about this quote is that Salvatore Leone says the same thing in Liberty City Stories. Tommy and Salvatore are similair characters, and I can see Tommy growing to be just like Sal.
  15. Patty-T

    New Chinatown Wars previews out now

    It's cool that you can spell things on the whiteboard in your safehouse.
  16. Patty-T

    Happy New Year, and a new TGTAP!

    Timezones are weird. It's 2009 in some places, but in where I am there's still another two hours before the new year.
  17. Patty-T

    Is this hard to find?

    They don't have GTA Advance at Rockstar Warehouse.... but they really should.
  18. Patty-T

    San Andreas Stories discussion

    My idea for San Andreas Stories- It would be a parallel game to Liberty City Stories, taking place at the same time, during the mob wars. You would play as a Sindacco soldier in Las Venturas. Paulie Sindacco would have a large role in the game, constantly traveling between Las Venturas and Liberty City. There could also be a mission where you help get Avery Carrington to the airport, while protecting him from attacking gang members. He would reach the airport just in time for his flight to Liberty City........ and we all know what happens to him when he gets there. would also affect the storyline halfway through. It would also be cool if Joey Leone had a role working at CJ's garage in San Fierro. Another mission could involve a drug deal with Ken Rosenberg at a hotel in Los Santos. I hope that San Andreas Stories is made...... Grand Theft Auto is the only reason I bought a PSP.
  19. This is a custom Claude action figure I made along time ago, but didn't think of posting until now. I also made a Patrick Star as Tommy Vercetti action figure which I might post pics of later. [/img] [/img] [/img] [/img]
  20. Last night I dreamt that I was unlocking trophies on GTA IV for the PS3, and then I noticed there was a trophy called "Visit Vice City", and in order to unlock it, you had to play GTA Vice City. So I put in VC and unlocked it. When I woke up I started to think, wouldn't it be so cool if R* released downloadable content for the older GTA's like III, Vice City and San Andreas. Would it even be possible to do that? Altough I highly doubt they'll do anything like that, it would be so awesome if there was a new Vice City mission pack.
  21. I love all of the GTA III era games. I don't see why they had to have GTA IV take place outside of it. They already had such a great universe going. They could have just kept building on it, and making it grow bigger and bigger.
  22. I think it really depends on what you want to get out of a game. I think Vice City has the best storyline, while San Andreas has some better gameplay. Vice City would have to be my favourite. One of the Stories games would have to be be my "worst", though I don't like using the term "worst" because it implies something bad, and I don't think any GTA games are bad. Some are just better than others.
  23. Patty-T

    Not Getting Phone Calls

    I got the call now. But it was still WAY later than it should've been.
  24. I've completed all of the Pegarino, Phil Bell and Ray Boccino missions, but I can't start the next mission where you , until I've done the mission "Weekend at Florians", which is triggered by a phone call from Ray immediatly after the mission where you chase the bikers through the subway. I never got that phone call, and now, many missions later, I still havn't got it. I've tried calling everyone on my phone and checking my emails but I still havn't got the call. I've played through the game before and I have the strategy guide so I know I'm not missing anything. I also killed and I havn't gotten the call for the funeral mission. I'm trying to beat the game in 30 hours, so I've been saving and reloading alot. Could that have something to do with it? If anyone knows how to get around this, that would be great.
  25. Patty-T

    GTA IV DLC announced: "The Lost and Damned"

    AWESOME! I hope that it does come out for PS3 someday though. I don't care if it takes a whole year. An eventual PS3 release would be cool. But hopefully someone will post the new missions on youtube so I could atleast watch it if I can't play it.