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  1. It's been a while! :D

  2. has not been visiting the forums lately.

  3. TM™

    Hey Noru, do you know what the password is to access LCF private forum? If you do remember (Which you should :P), send me a PM.


  4. Hey Jace, it's been very long. Umm, well I have no plans for this Christmas, pretty boring. But I do have 2 weeks off, a PS3, a PC... So I have quite alot of things to do. :D

  5. haha, you caught me out lol. XD

  6. hey Matt, yeah I'll have to make some big changes to my profile lol. I couldn't be arsed to do much on it. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  7. Remote, I'm working on the layout, but it may take me until next Saturday to get it complete. Sorry if it's taking long. I have college coming up so I have to get prepped for that. Anyways I'll let you know of anything else. :)

  8. Not yet. I probably won't have time to start the forum again, probably next summer, but I'm not sure.

  9. I'm fine mate, how is things with you? It has been a while, had a long holiday, but in about 2 weeks college starts for me. : oh well, I guess this summer was good.

  10. Damn man, that profile image looks like the shit. You are still top if you ask me. But yeah, the edge needs cutting off, it goes off the forum.

  11. yeah no problem man, just wondering whenever really.

  12. Dom, when do you come on MSN? Yeah, I've been ill lately so yeah, blame me for not being on, but I'd like to know etc. :P

  13. fucking AWESOME. If you have a PS2, fuck it and buy a PS3, you will like.

  14. hmm, not a bad idea. :D

  15. lol. yeah I haven't been here lately, got my ps3 so I've been on that more. I seen your new stuff, is pretty cool.

  16. awesome, you katana training, please don't kill me... :(

  17. yo dawg, i heard you take painkillers and made a website on paynekillers but there's no painkiller. :\

  18. TM™

    yo dawg, i heard you hate my signature so i went back on photoshop and made a new one that beats yours. :P

  19. TM™

    lol @ Rayboob95. :P Was that a mistake or something?

  20. That's pretty cool, must be awesome now I guess now that it's going live.

  21. So you were like going to start a website like that ages ago? Lol.

  22. PayneKillers... Awesome, but such a unique name. Can't wait for it to go live! :)

  23. Lol awesome. Clothing is ftw.

  24. TM™

    hi mate, long time since I last remember you on here. :P hows stuff?

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