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Status Updates posted by TM™

  1. Hey Donathon, what's poppin'?

  2. Been chilling. And working on my site. Coming up real soon.

    Oh and thanks for the offer. :) You sexed me up.

  3. lolgimmesexnao.


  4. that reminds me, I got to upload a new photo as well... :\

  5. Yeah, pretty much the same. :\ Might start getting out a little more. I'm Lazy. :)

  6. Hey man, what's poppin'?

  7. Speak English, please.

  8. Wow, you suck "Kiddo".

  9. Thanks for the compliment. :D

  10. Bitch, your real name is Eric, eh? :D

  11. your real name is Eric? I never knew! :P

  12. TM™

    I'm still waiting...

  13. What's your MSN ad?

  14. You never know... :)

  15. He's not my boss, he's Sky. And yes, I (was) banned. lol j/k.

  16. I didn't feel a thing, bitch. So...

    *BITCHSLAP*. Hehe. :P

  17. I'm your slave? :P Who said that?

  18. Hi bitch. :]

  19. Uh, sorry, but could you post it as a .JPEG or .PNG? I couldn't see it since it was saved as .PSD.

  20. He just altered some scripts, it's not too hard to do... :P

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