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Status Updates posted by TM™

  1. You made teh Sky.

  2. He never made earth.

  3. TM™

    Yeah, I was bored....



  4. Hey K9, Wassup!!?

  5. Where are you? You haven't been on for some time... :(

  6. TM™

    lol Ok. I think MGS3 is good. My personal favourite.

  7. Hey man, long time no chat!

  8. TM™

    You look weird. :P

  9. TEC9 IS BACK!!!

    Lol, hey man, what's up? :)

  10. I wonder why I haven't added you as a friend... Well, I've added you. :)

  11. TM™

    lol, Why? It's been 2 days since I became Moderator... :S

  12. TM™

    Lol, I didn't have a party... So what's up? I've been busy lately, so yeah, no party.

  13. Nice sig their Sky. :)

  14. I joined before you! lawl. I joined in July 06', you joined in Oct 06'. Thanks anyways!

  15. TM™

    PARTY!!! Wooo.... Lol. What's up?

  16. Me and you are Mods. Yay! It's great having you as a friend.

  17. Hehe. That's all I can say ATM. :)

  18. TM™

    Lol, thanks again. :)

  19. Yep, I'm happy now. I set up mt IP. Board!

    Damn, it took ages, but yeah, I might upgrade my IP Board to latest if I can.

  20. I wonder why you got so much Rep+ and Chris doesn't.

    Are you taking over?! lol.

  21. TM™

    I thought she was naked! XD

    Well, thanks man. I like it.

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