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  1. How are you liking Panda Cloud? Been using AVG forever, feeling like some change might be nice when I buy my next desktop but it's not really needed. Just want to see my options.
  2. Next time I'm on the computer for a while I'll have to try it out. Thanks, I appreciate the recommendation!
  3. Also, give me a day or two but I'll send you some ambient dubstep, etc. but all good stuff. If you'd like

  4. Hahah, how odd. And yes I definitely get it now. I appreciate your help.

  5. I'm totally taking advantage of your portuguêsness.... what does this say man? Psicologa com desejo de moda nenhum pouco reprimido.

  6. Google looks so kickass today

  7. Started playing when I was six. My older cousin was living with us and he needed more "big kid" games for the ps2 so he got GTA III. Life changing moment playing that for the first time. XD
  9. Being buried at sea(or any body of water perhaps? Dunno the details)is actually a Muslim tradition. Though, they did put his body through a chipper before doing so, and oddly enough my friend's step brother was on the ship that did it. He along with everyone else on the ship signed the chipper and they're storing it somewhere(forget where).
  10. Funnily enough you're the reason I found out this information. This is crazy.
  11. lackadaisical

    1. Nate10


      Haha, right? No, I did make some chicken chow mein... but at like midnight.

    2. JustADummy


      Shit, dinner at midnight.

  12. Nate10

    Portal 2

    I actually haven't even played the first, though I have The Orange Box coming to my house on Thursday. Idk but I actually was excited for Portal 2's release? Haha but yeah, If I like Portal, I'll get the second after I beat the first.
  13. Apparently I haven't been seeing the explicit ones.
  14. Sometimes I doubt your commitment to sparkle motion

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    2. Ivan



    3. EvoLuTioN


      Problem officer?

    4. Nate10


      Implying there could be something that brings up a possible problem

  15. I feel like I recommended Requiem for a Dream to you, but I don't see my doing so anywhere. It's one of my favorites. Watched Star Trek twice yesterday, once baked, and once again sober. Both great times.
  16. Stoked to hear you like it. It's brilliant isn't it? Garden State is really good too, or at least I remember loving it when I saw it a couple years ago. I need to see Black Swan. I bought a DVD packed with all of the Ocean's trilogy(a trilogy I really dig)including the original Ocean's Eleven which I watched yesterday. Loved it.
  17. I think we all enjoy that silly cliché shit considering the prevalence of it in GTA.
  18. Can't say I can help, but I support the idea fully. Only problem is that it's been a while since GTA IV came out = walkthroughs have been made by now(right?) Is that an issue?
  19. I just looked up Yakuza 4 to see if it was what Ithought it was... wow. I didn't know the series have gone this far! Kind of bummed it's only for the ps3 but oh well. Is the whole series cool? I'm considering picking up the first for the ps2 but since I got a 360 I'm going to try and find The Orange Box(all five games I haven't played)first. I've overwhelmed with games I need to try out and enjoy. edit: Oh yeah. I'm playing GTA IV and Black Ops(only games I have for the 360 so far). Beat IV a week or so ago but GTA is known for the replay value and I think I might work at some achievments. Black Ops wise... I prestiged and am at level 30 something but I'm getting a little worn from it. Been playing with some cool people though but I want to play with my friends too.
  20. got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday morning(all 4 of them). Talk about a couple days of being in pain.

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    2. Damjan


      @Nate: You are House MD, the second.

    3. EvoLuTioN


      ^Damn.. Exactly what i thought when i read that.

    4. Nate10


      I hear that show is freaking awesome. Isn't House a dick though? Oh no! Haha

  21. Had me fooled. Guess I'm gullible.
  22. I think I might of played both SR 1 & 2 once each. Didn't seem too interesting. Where's the info for SR 3?
  23. Actually I should of been more detailed. Avoid saving the pedestrian riot cheat and saving, but with the 50 or 500 cheat thing, if you go over 50 or 500 before the Madd Dog mission in Las Venturas involving a building and truck(vague mission detail incase you haven't beat it yet)you can't beat it. But after completing the mission, feel free to cheat.
  24. Avoid the pedestrian riot cheat and to not cheat more than 500 times(maybe it's 50)and you should be golden. Good luck attaining 100% comrade.
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