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  1. Holy hell, Rashon's still alive?

  2. Ooo, mystery of the disappearing boards.

  3. Happy birthday, YellowJacket!

  4. I'm kinda thinking about retiring Inferno. If I do pick it up again, it'll be on DeviantArt with some actual pictures.

  5. Just to let people know, Urban ain't dead. I played with him yesterday on XBL. He's just having computer problems or something.



    That's the sound of an enisru on acid biting your ass off! :P

  7. Aside from family, I don't know any full-blooded Asians. Even someone I thought was 100% Filipina was only half. You won't believe how much shit I got for being half-Filipino a few years ago.

  8. Maybe. Come up with a few samples and we'll talk.

  9. That rating is what it is because a lot of people hate me. And they can fuck off.

  10. I lied. I don't smoke. But if someone passes it to me...me get munchies.

  11. Both you bitches bow down to my excellence! :P

  12. I have a few words for you, dickhead. Shut the fuck up forever. That, or die in a pit somewhere away from the rest of us. I don't really give a damn.

  13. Goddamn, my ass and my mouth still hurt from that night.

  14. Really wanna see my owned list? Then petition Chris to bring the Warzone back. :P

  15. Thanks! Even though I don't turn 16 for another three hours. :P

  16. It's easy. You grab a donkey and you pork it! It'll hurt the first couple of times, but after awhile, the pain turns to pleasure.

  17. Bitch, you can't speak proper English. So I'd watch who's the childish fool. Laugh your ass off at your own idiocy.

  18. I ought to spank this bastard for his insubordinance, but I'll save it for his grandmother. The dirty whore.

  19. Kill yourself, immediately.

  20. Nah, it's actually...wait, I'm not gonna tell you! Okay, it's Corey.

  21. Hi, buddy! Yeah, you can fuck off, die, and get resurrected as the same cum-sucking pissant you are now to start the cycle all over again.

  22. Greene County. North Carolina is only about an hour away.

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