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  1. Just be a good normal member. Post in the forum, engage in discussions, start some good topics, help people out, chat to people. Most people get bored of that after a couple of weeks. If you stick around for a long time and still enjoy the community here, and we think it'd be useful to have you on the team, that's when *we* look at it. It's well-known that we do NOT accept applications for moderators - they're all chosen by the admins from the people we know will be good staff. Asking to become a moderator actually shows us that the member doesn't know the way this forum works, so we don't pick anyone who asks. Don't *TRY* to become staff, because it won't work. Just be a normal member, and you might end up in a position where staff is a good option, but you might not.
  2. Not for a new member, I'm afraid. There is no specific number of posts required, but you would need to really understand this site, the forums, the community and all the issues that go on around here before we'd give anyone a shot. But the simple truth is... don't use or create any other accounts, or you will be removed from this site. Stick within the rules, and you'll be fine. Stick with us for a few months, contribute to the forums, become established in this community, and you might get a shot at helping out.
  3. For a start, you shouldn't be abusing multiple accounts. That is against the rules, which are clearly stated when you signed up. Each time.
  4. <3 That's why we love you, Spaz! He's making an analogy to the stupid argument that homophobe makes. Don't act like staff and tell other members what to do, that's not acceptable on this site. Now that is more off-topic.
  5. The restricted group is used by staff when a user has failed to adhere to warnings or whose standard of behaviour is below what we expect. Members of that group are limited in what they can do on this forum, and it limits their opportunity to cause trouble. The other two are standard IPB features you could look up anywhere. In fact, if you hover over them it TELLS you what they are. The stars are for other users to rate you. Nobody uses it so it's completely unreliable. The green box is the count of how many people have 'liked' your posts. In the past, users could rate posts up or down (not just like), which is why some people have a low/negative rating there.
  6. We already have these, if that's suitable for whatever you're thinking: Downloads database - for uploading completed mods (that you create yourself) Modding forum - for discussing, showing off and requesting mods of all kinds
  7. Edit the first post, choose 'Use Full Editor'. If you can't edit it, hit report and ask very nicely for a staff member to do it when they have the time.
  8. That's not really fair for you to say when you've not been part of a gang. Each gang was a small group of friends - or even a family. Their private forums were for private discussions, not the sort of thing that they would post in General Discussion for anyone to see and for n00bs to reply to. If you look at the quality of many of the posts in GD or the other general subforums, you'll know why people prefer to interact with their friends, not the random crappy people that clog up the internet.
  9. I prefer not to give out too many specific stats like this. January got more registrations than usual - double what we've had in previous months. In fact, the past 2 weeks saw more registrations than any previous week ever. New registrations aren't hugely important (a fair chunk will no doubt be spam bots), but interaction in the form of posts/topics is more relevant to us. There, the forums aren't doing great.
  10. Gerard


    And that's why we love you too, Spaz!
  11. It's just a guide for staff to give them a quick visual representation of that user's history. Warnings do not 'expire' and are never taken away, deleted or altered. They are a record of behaviour and actions. Misbehaving users don't last long enough to make it full.
  12. Gerard

    R* Hacked?

    I expect Xbox, Microsoft have the cash and the profit to do that sort of thing. Then again, most people already have xboxes so there's no *need* for them to have an exclusive, it would just be *nice* for people to not buy PS3s and end up buying PS3 games and points and stuff instead of buying stuff for xbox. DLC exclusive would be very good, though. If Sony got it, it would be very very good for them - it would be a reason for everyone to get a PS3. The only issue is that this generation of consoles is getting old (even with the refreshes) so people aren't that likely to go buy the other one unless it was very cheap. In these difficult times, they're more likely to save up for a new PC that can last a long time, an iPad, or wait for a new generation of consoles.
  13. Gerard

    GTA 5?

    Thats not how forums work - this isn't a wiki where we keep every page updated, it's a series of discussions or questions/answers. Since the information is all over these forums (and the web), we assume they know. If someone still has a question, they'll ask it now. To explain why: bumping ancient topics like this back up to the top of the lists (where the personal originally asking the question might not even be active anymore) makes more relevant & useful topics disappear down on the page or off the front page, and it makes this forum an inactive hive of old questions with new questions being unanswered. Remember forums are navigated by recent posts in active topics, not like a wiki where it's browsed based on subject and links. The most recently posted topics get ALL the attention, which works for question/answers and discussions like this.
  14. Chris' join date was modified with SQL, but that's just a special case because he's the founder. Not something we'd do for other members, especially for the reason you gave. Elite member status is not something we give out. It generally just contains former staff and other members who made significant contributions in the early history of TGTAP. It's definitely not something we would give out based on post count, but we might for those who make very valuable contributions over extended periods of time. I really don't think a newsletter would be a good idea. Chris runs our social media strategy through Twitter and Facebook (amongst others) - I'm not sure why a newsletter would be useful, especially if it was just operated by a member. There are also data protection issues, and certainly we would not give a member total control over something like that (where they could go rogue and start spamming our members). There's also not much going on tbh. If Chris could send out an update every two weeks (or something) with highlights of the top GTA news and some interesting community topics, that could work I guess, but tbh I don't think email newsletters are particularly useful in this day and age where people look for what they want, when they want. A single webpage which contains a snapshot of TGTAP's recent activity and news etc would be much more useful, as people can access that on-demand.
  15. Gerard

    GTA 5?

    Look at the posts date ffs. This was from BEFORE the trailer was announced. Of course they know that now.
  16. Gerard

    R* Hacked?

    Do you not check dates on posts? That was from April 2011, and he was pretty much right at the time. There's no "definite" with anything. Whilst more people have PCs, that doesn't mean they game on them. 'Most' people don't have a PC as powerful as a games console - in fact these days you can get away with a cheap+nasty laptop, netbook or iPad even, a lot of people don't need a PC any more. Sure, in all probability it will come to PC, but I'd say the reasons for that are for the extra capability (modding) and it's more than likely going to be a Steam game. Don't forget that there's extra money in consoles - the manufacturers pay developers for exclusivity, which is why PC releases are often last.
  17. If you go to members (at the top), and click 'more search options' on the right. At the very very bottom of the filters there are some dropdowns. The 'show all' dropdown shows all the groups. None of the groups are joinable.
  18. Do you mean your log-in name (that is only used by you when you log in) or your display name (which is what everyone sees). You can change your own display name, so just find one that's We could change that other Josh's display name, but we'd need a good reason. I'm sure you can find a display name that has not been taken. We don't change log-in usernames, really. Certainly not without the user's consent, because they would not be able to log in if they tried.
  19. Gerard


    That is fake. There is no public GTA V Beta. We already have several other topics on this.
  20. Jimmy - I replied to him rather than moving this topic so that he would know where to look. If I just moved it and didn't tell him, he'd think it just disappeared. You forgot a VERY important stage in your instructions - backing up. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS back up the DFF and TXD files BEFORE you delete/replace them. EVERYONE should do that, no matter how experienced or computer-savvy they are, because sometimes mods don't work properly, mistakes are made, or downloads get corrupted. If you back them up, you can restore your game and try a different mod. If you don't back up, you have to reinstall the entire game from scratch then reinstall every mod individually.
  21. Your continued racism is totally unacceptable. Come back after your 1-month suspension if you fancy being a positive member of this community. Otherwise, go away.
  22. That is most definitely the single most vague post I have ever seen Pretty sure that's some sort of record.
  23. This is no the right place to ask that question - this is for problems with this website. Look in our modding section. There's even a tutorial.
  24. Rockstar are always pushing the boundaries. TLAD+BOGT added vehicles, missions, buildings, characters, storylines, radio stations - why not map areas too? I wouldn't expect a whole city to be a cheap downloadable addon, but more like a new game that physically interlinks with the previous game - so you can access both areas. I'm sure they can get around the technical issues with that and make it work.
  25. In the announcement, rockstar said it was LS + surrounding countryside. That doesn't mean they can't add in SF or LV at a later date as DLC (doesn't mean they will, either).
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