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  1. It is illegal to distribute, upload, share, copy or download any GTA game. Even if you own a copy, that does not give you the right to share it with other people. That means it is illegal for you to share the game files for anyone else to download. If you own a copy yourself, then downloading an extra copy for yourself (e.g. if your disk get scratched) is a bit of a grey area. The main problem is that if you torrent it, that means you are sharing it to other people (it's not just a download). As for the free download suggestion, Rockstar STILL makes quite a bit of money from people buying SA and VC through Steam etc. That money is paying for GTA V to be developed. Don't deprive them of that.
  2. Gerard

    GTA 5?

    The Wii U is being pitched as the first next-gen console (along with the 3DS and PS Vita), but tbh I regard Kinect to be this generation too. It'll be a couple of years before we start seeing any signs of a brand new generation of consoles (New Xbox/PS3). That's when I think we'll get a new GTA.
  3. Gerard

    GTA 5?

    The next GTA game could be virtually anything. It could be GTA V. Or it could be a new game in the GTA IV era, with related graphics/features/characters (like VC/SA were related to GTA III) It could be set in Vice City or San Andreas, or even London or Anywhere City. Or it could be somewhere new entirely. All we have to go on are hints and clues built into GTA IV, some of which will be true, some of which will just be coincidences. From these, most of the signs point to it being in VC, SA or perhaps somewhere in Europe (London/Paris). I personally think it's most likely to be a new game in the GTA IV era, set in VC, SA or London. I don't think we'll see GTA V until the next generation of consoles (2013-ish)
  4. The downloads database uses usernames, not display names.
  5. You might think you're okay running an old OS like ME/98, but in terms of security I really wouldn't dream of using it on the web these days. Hackers have had 12 years to find every hole and exploit, and they don't provide any of the advanced security features that Windows 7 does (UAC, ASLR, DEP, MICs, UIPI etc). All but the very newest malware doesn't stand a chance on a fully-patched modern system (unless the user is stupid and turns it off), but literally anything on a Win98 system can be accessed in a couple of seconds by anyone with half a brain 64-bit is an absolute necessity if you have over 4 GB of RAM, which I hope any new computer would. With only 1 or 2 GB (or less), 64 bit is not required, and to get better performance and driver/software compatibility, you're better sticking with 32-bit.
  6. We'll wait until you've uploaded the full pack, if that's alright? Let us know when the new pack is up.
  7. Nope, it's a new thing for Windows 7. A very awesome thing.
  8. Wrong. Upgrade only refers to the licence NOT the method of installation (since Win7). The upgrade disc is identical, and you CAN do a fresh install using it. You just need to own a licence for a previous version of Windows, which anyone who has an old computer lying around does. If you have XP and want Win7, you do a clean install using the Win7 upgrade disc. First though, you should check the upgrade advisor.
  9. Added a poll to this topic. Let me know if you want any more options. I was using Windows 8 (dev preview) for a couple of weeks, but it just wasn't a great experience with a keyboard and mouse. Back to good old Windows 7 (professional x64, SP1) which has been my OS of choice for 2.5 years (since before I worked for Microsoft). I'm running it on an i7 2600k for those who are interested. However, chances are my next computer purchase will be a Macbook Pro, because of the hardware quality and battery life. Not sure whether I'll end up using OSX more than Windows, though.
  10. Er, no. You don't decide which topics get locked. And here we don't lock topics for random reasons like that. It's always interesting to see what people have been up to, it's useful for us staff, and it also shows how welcoming we are to people who have been shunned from other places, usually due to political or personal reasons rather than genuine misconduct. We pride ourselves on that.
  11. Double posting is fine. It's only problematic if it's someone trying to bump topics or cause disruption. Here, he's just separating his post into parts. Don't worry about it.
  12. Chris is the only person who approves uploads, but because there are so many, it takes a lot of time, and isn't something that can be done very regularly. If you're in a rush to get it approved, send him a pm.
  13. No this is totally dead. Instead, everyone should go to... </spam>
  14. Firstly - you should get a trainer or something that allows you to spawn vehicles. That way, as soon as you install 1 vehicle, you can test it straight away (without having to search for it). Always test after EACH mod install. Never install 50 mods then try to play, because if it breaks you have no idea which mod caused it. Is there anything unusual about your setup? Are you using an old operating system? Are you using Windows-on-a-mac or anything like that? Have you installed GTA to a different drive? How have you acquired GTA? Is it from a store-bought DVD? Is it from Steam? Is it just downloaded/torrented?
  15. Why is everything a competition? I was simply offering an additional option. To me, this sounds like a concept - a "what if" scenario, an idea, a starting point - rather than a predetermined story written by one author. A wiki is ideal for collaboration, which may or may not be what Sam wants. He can start it off, and work with other people to build on his concept and produce something spectacular. And of course there's built-in discussion and feedback, too. Sam - you're free to try both options, and use whatever works best for you.
  16. So basically fan fiction? Yes that is also allowed here, and everything similar, in the Graphics & Writers Pad. Although you might find that Grand Theft Wiki is a better option for you, as we have a Fan Fiction section, and are soon to launch a site dedicated to modding.
  17. Chris broke it. He'll get 20 lashes for every minute it's down.
  18. IPB used to have avatars and profile pictures separately, but now there is only one image per user. We're currently making it work with avatars instead of profile pics, so hold up. As for first-post-needs-approval, this has saved us from a LOT of spam. I know this because I'm the one who deletes it all every week. Especially with the new ModCP, It's much easier to check all new users' first posts than it is to try and clean up after a spam attack. I think we should explain to new users why their topic/reply isn't showing up, to avoid the double/triple posts that some members do when their stuff isn't there, but I still think it's better on than off.
  19. Interesting suggestion, but two things spring to mind: If it was on a separate domain, then it would be left to fend for itself. It would have to earn its own popularity in Google, people would have to be told about the new link, and generally it's a pain. Having them on the same domain has a lot of advantages. The forums may be a very important part of the site, but they are still part of the site as a whole. The forums feed the news for the main site, and your user account accesses the downloads system. GTAForums (for example) are much more separate, and people tend to JUST go to the forums. However, I do agree that the forums should be s lot more prominent, not just a little button on the homepage. In fact, I think that it could be worth considering making the forums the homepage, rather than the current news index (which not many people need to go to).
  20. Notebooks are (almost) impossible to upgrade, so it would be best for you to buy a new PC if it won't do what you need it to. You wouldn't need anything TOO fancy to run GTA IV on slow settings - just a half-decent graphics card. If you buy a desktop, get a decent well-known brand, and remember that you DO get what you pay for. Also remember that you'll probably want it to play decent games for a few years (2-5 years?), so it's worth spending a bit extra so that you don't need to buy yet another one next year to play GTA 5. If you spend £200, don't expect it to play decent games. If you want something decent that will last, spend about £700. But you need to find what is right for you. (My recommendation is that you talk it through with someone who DOES understand nerdy crap, to make sure you get what you need) Some sample PCs you could buy: £450 decent basic desktop (should play GTA IV on OK settings, but not future games) - link £500 high-spec but not a well-known brand (quality could be low) - link £600 decent all-rounder - link £950 beast - link
  21. It is illegal to copy, download or torrent a GTA game without paying for it. Whether you copy the DVD, download it from a torrent, get it from a website, or someone emails it to you. Those are all illegal. Not only is it against the law, but it us unfair. Everyone else (who buys it) is paying for the game to be made. They are good games, and worth paying a bit of money for. It's only fair that you buy your copy - why should WE all pay for you to have the game? Please do NOT ask for illegal downloads or torrents on this website. You CAN buy and download the game from legitimate websites, it costs about $10. That is perfectly legal and I encourage you to get it. Download the game here: So buy the game from Steam or D2D
  22. How did you install the game? From a torrent/download, Steam, or DVD?
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