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  1. It's nothing to do with the quality. It's the fact that it's about Nazis. They did some pretty evil things, and we don't want to publish Nazi stuff on this website. Like I said, find another site to publish it on, that's fine.
  2. Being a Full Members simply gives higher limits, and slightly more access to things (images in signature etc). We don't publish the exact criteria for this. When new members reach a certain level (in a number of criteria) they advance to becoming a Full Member. The main criteria is having a certain amount of approved posts (so spammers and annoying people will not advance. All members that existed before we introduced this a few months ago remained "New Members" until they become active again. If a "new member" with 500 posts comes back, they'll automatically be upgraded to Full Member status.
  3. There are plenty of other sites that may accept you. Chris doesn't have to approve anything he doesn't want to. I just don't think he wants Nazi mods on his website.
  4. If you speak like that, you won't get anything approved. I imagine Chris won't approve any Nazi mods. There's no need for them.
  5. Join the Grand Theft Wiki group too.
  6. Gerard

    Portal 2

    Anyone who posts spoilers will be banned (:
  7. Which game is this for? Please post your question in the correct area (: The savegame needs to be for the same version of the same game. So you need a Steam savegame such as this one for GTA Vice City
  8. At GTW, we're starting a new project. This is a whole load of of gaming wikis joining together to make a new independent network. We're making a wiki about games, and having an article for every game, including basic information but also having reviews. Now, instead of 1 person giving the game an arbitrary score out of 10 for the wrong reasons, we're letting the whole community give their opinion, and essentially producing a set of justified recommendations based on that. For a simple example: "FPS fans will love this game because it gets straight to the action, but those who prefer deep storylines and side-quests probably won't feel very satisfied. This is a game you can just pick up and play, without having to spend months building up your character, great for casual gamers but the MMORPG player might find it a bit simplistic." What do you guys think of that?
  9. (I couldn't understand some of your post). I think it is wrong to call games good/bad, or even to rate them. For every game, someone somewhere is going to love it; and someone else is going to hate it. Reviewers should concentrate on telling us what the game is like, what it is trying to be, whether it succeeds at what it's trying to be, and who it is best suited for. For example, a review on Battlefield might say it's a good shooter but the storyline is light and there's not much else to do. That means that people who just want to run around killing will like it, and people who prefer deeper, more involved games won't. A review on GTA IV might say it's realistic and has an extensive storyline, but it doesn't feel as fun or wild as GTA VC or GTA SA. The car handling is a lot more realistic, but the combat is not great, and it looks gritty and depressing. That means people who like racing cars or just doing missions will like it, but people who enjoy doing crazy things (blowing shit up, jetpacks, breaking into army bases, going on killing rampages in tanks) will get bored. I think that would be a LOT more useful.
  10. Well Mac doesn't use .exe, it uses unix binaries And it'd still be encrypted so nobody can just edit it and tweak it. That's why the downgrade mod /replaces/ the exe rather than edits it.
  11. No, it won't be possible. A PC downgrade works by replacing the V2 .exe with a copy of the original V1 exe (which allows modding). They never made a V1 for Mac, and of course you can't use the windows .exe file, so it's just impossible to downgrade. They most likely won't be able to edit the files to allow modding, since it's all closed-source and locked-down. The only way I think it could be done is by *fooling* the program into thinking it's using the original files, but I don't know how that would be possible. Sorry :/
  12. I don't think you can downgrade the mac version to v1 (which allows mods), since there was never a mac version of v1. So unfortunately I see no way to mod them. Your best bet would be to get the PC versions, and use them either on a PC or install Windows in a virtual machine (with Parallels etc). Sorry :/
  13. Big bump, but it's probably Love Hurts
  14. It may be because you have a newer version of GTA SA. See here.
  15. It is illegal to copy, download or torrent a GTA game without paying for it. Whether you copy the DVD, download it from a torrent, get it from a website, or someone emails it to you. Those are all illegal. Not only is it against the law, but it us unfair. Everyone else (who buys it) is paying for the game to be made. They are good games, and worth paying a bit of money for. It's only fair that you buy your copy. Please do NOT ask for illegal downloads or torrents on this website. You CAN buy and download the game from legitimate websites, it costs about $10. That is perfectly legal and I encourage you to get it. Download the game here: So buy the game from Steam or D2D
  16. It's illegal to copy the game without paying for it. Whether you copy the DVD, download it from a torrent or someone emails it to you. You can buy and download it from legitimate websites, that is perfectly legal and I encourage you to get it. So buy it from Steam or D2D, it's very cheap now.
  17. Gerard

    R* Hacked?

    No. Hacking really doesn't solve any problems. It's more likely to devalue what they've done, and if their systems are insecure someone might cause them damage or cost them a serious amount of money, which is money that would otherwise go towards making a better game. Of course they will make more GTA games, so stop worrying. Knowing which city it's going to be set in, a year or two before release, doesn't really make a difference. Yes, it'd be nice to know, and it'd help the community to know where we stand, but it's not worth destroying them over.
  18. Go to Members, click on "advanced filters", and set "Flag" to "Norway" That will show you all our members who have identified as Norwegian (:
  19. So you're asking whether VCMP has pedestrians, rather than just being the human players alone? It's been so long since I've played VCMP or SAMP that I can't remember. This quote from Grand Theft Wiki about SAMP is the best I could find: "Their idea was that you would be able to play much like single player - with pedestrians, cops chasing you, and following the ever changing storyline - but with 5 of your friends doing it with you" Simplest thing for you to do would be to look at videos on youtube, to see whether there are any pedestrians in the background.
  20. Chris broke the forum again *sigh*

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    2. Chris


      Wasn't even me anyway. One of the database tables had locked.

    3. Gerard


      Sure, blame the tables :P

    4. JustADummy


      Slap SQL and it'll fix itself =)

  21. Yes - anyone with 200 posts can make their own member title. This changed recently to make the ranks system more visible.
  22. Unfortunately I didn't win, I came 2nd with 40% of the final votes. Thank you to everyone who did vote, and I hope you make sure the new team stick to all their promises!Full results: http://bit.ly/fwldR3

    1. Ivan


      Man, you were only one guy and had a lower budget so you did pretty good.

  23. Downloading games through torrents is illegal. Since you're playing without paying, it means everyone else is paying for you to pay. That is not cool. Discussion surrounding illegally downloaded games is forbidden on this forum, and you will not be able to get help with your problems until you buy a legitimate copy of the game.
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