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    Next Trailer

    Yeah my bad - I missed the part where you were talking about Max Payne. Guess you should stay on topic instead then ....and stop being a cunt. Maybe.
  2. I agree with you MLL - alcohol and tobacco also have negative effects. However, there's a difference. Alcohol in smaller quantities, even regularly, is beneficial for your health. It's also beneficial socially, and an important part of many cultures - that's all fine. It's when british teenagers binge drink 3 times a week that it becomes a social problem, and when older people are drinking a bottle of whisky a day just to feel normal it has a huge effect on their health. Even teenagers in other countries manage to moderate their alcohol intake - for example in the Netherlands it's normal for teenagers to have 1 drink in the evening with their parents, but never 30. In the UK, it's illegal to sell alcohol to anyone that's drunk. I think that should become enforced again. Yes, go out and have a drink or two; yes, have a party, but don't get plastered. Yeah okay once or twice a year to celebrate leaving school or something is fine. But don't forget, if you drink less often, your tolerance to alcohol will be much lower, and you don't need to poison your body with 30 drinks to be able to have fun. Just a couple is adequate - which reduces the health risks considerably. As for smoking, it's awful for other people, and has a shit effect on your health. Yeah it calms you down perhaps, but you don't need it 40 times a day. If you're particularly stressed, go away, chat to a friend, have a wank, that all works for me. I think smoking should be banned completely (over time). I know there are quite a few smokers here, and a few of my friends are, but there's just no point, unless you're already hooked. I manage to survive without smoking, without taking any drugs, and only drinking once every few weeks. Not because I've had an easy life (some of you know how I've been parentless, homeless, jobless etc at various points) - and I know this is going to sound cheesy - but because I take responsibility for my problems and do something about them. Crying in a corner, drinking myself into oblivion, never ever helps, not even a bit.
  3. Oh my. So much confusion. The softer drugs are banned for a variety of reasons. Not because one joint will kill you, but because long-term is likely to have detrimental effects on your mental capacity, memory etc. (Yes, your uncle might have smoked it for 30 years and be fine, but that's not true for everyone) It's also a step-up to much harder drugs, and due to its illegal status, buying it generally funds criminal activity. I personally don't think it's the end of the world if you try a joint at a music festival as a teenager - however making a habit of it, or trying harder drugs, will not end well. I'm sure some people here will disagree, but you guys aren't the ones who have to clean up the mess this shit causes. As for natural remedies having magical mystical aids-killing powers - what do you think is in western medicines? Alien goo? It's almost all natural chemicals extracted from real plants. They can then narrow it down to find the specific chemical responsible for the medicinal effect, produce tons of it in a lab, and make it many times more effective than chewing the bark of a cedar tree on the passover when there's a full moon, whilst facing north and chanting the karma sutra to the tune of 'we will rock you'. Just because something is produced in a lab does not 'taint' it or make it worse than the natural form. The problem with 'artificial' chemicals, colours, and flavourings is not the fact that they're artificial, it's just that they're unhealthy chemicals compared with the less-effective more-expensive plant extracts. And for cloned food? Cloning animals and crops just makes them identical to the previous crop. All they do is copy the DNA of a perfect plant, and put it into 1000 seeds, so that they grow identically to the previous crop (depending on the environment etc). They don't grow it in a test tube. The same goes with animals - they put the DNA of a perfect cow into the eggs of some pregnant cows, so that the calves they have are identical to the copied one. They aren't grown in a test tube - they live completely natural, healthy, normal lives - just happening to have the same DNA as a previous cow. Don't forget that DNA replication is a completely natural process - it's now bacteria and amoebas and suchlike replicate asexually. All they do is manually apply the same principles to bigger animals and plants. So stop freaking out about 'artificial' crap and just give your body what it needs, whether that is fruit&veg, a nice meaty dinner, or a couple of pills to fix a problem. But if you pollute your body with shit like drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, all in the name of emotional support, don't expect it to respond positively. Take everything in moderation, stay away from the hard stuff, and eat healthily, and you'll be pretty awesome.
  4. At the bottom it says: "This site is in no way associated with Rockstar Games. This entire website is a joke, we do not own a beta version of GTA V."
  5. Gerard


    Damn, my banhammer finger was getting itchy too.
  6. I have already told you that is illegal. We will not help you at all. Please buy the game, instead of stealing it (it is only £6 / $10). That way, you are helping pay for GTA V to be made, helping it become an even better game.
  7. Then it is not a legal copy of the game. You need to BUY a copy of the game from an official channel. That means buy it from a store, order it online, or download it from Steam.
  8. Which version is it? How did you get the game? Store-bought DVD? Bought from Steam? Downloaded from a torrent?
  9. I'm not sure that's true :S We have several save games to download here and the directories you need to copy are easy to find on google. Well done for eventually buying the game though (if that is true). You're helping to pay rockstar to make GTA V even better. If everyone just stole it, they wouldn't be able to do it.
  10. Gerard


    Yeah well two of the staff live in the same town now, so we outrank you
  11. How did you get GTA SA? DVD? Steam? Downloaded? That will tell us which version and what you need to do to mod it.
  12. The thing that I notice most about GTA is that everyone has their own style of playing it. Some people just play through the storyline, whilst others piss about in the countryside, others roleplay as a cop or gangster, others drive around shooting prostitutes, others go around collecting items, others race and stunt with vehicles, others make mods or videos, and many more I can't even imagine. GTA San Andreas gave many more opportunities for that than any other GTA game, or even any other game. You could be everything from a mafia boss to a taxi driver to a military scientist in Area 69. You could spend your day chilling on grove street, driving down the open road, robbing casinos or flying over the vast countryside. GTA IV, in contrast, was much more 2-dimensional. Outside of the storyline, there wasn't much else to do except drive around a city. There weren't many buildings to go in, no countryside to explore, no planes to fly, no destinations really. It looks like GTA V will change that - I just hope they go all-the-way and give us the best ever sandbox to play in.
  13. @Tuna - Stay on topic. Feel free to discuss stuff, feel free to put across your opinion, but other people are entitled to disagree. As Spaz said - this IS a GTA forum, people here generally tend to like GTA games, so don't expect everyone to love your negativity. @Spaz - I always stopped mulitple levels of quote embedding, but Chris turned it back on. Silly admins. I will spike his breakfast for you.
  14. As I said elsewhere, I just bought a macbook pro. Decent specs too (2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6770M with 1GB GDDR5) Steam has a handful of my games for mac - Civilisation, Portal 1+2, Half Life 2, World of Goo. It has a few I don't have like Amnesia, Assassins Creed 2, Football Manager, Splinter Cell Conviction, Defcon etc. Civ and Portal play pretty well, not tried any others yet.
  15. Gerard


    We never had that TGTAP meetup. Who wants to get beaten with my 26-inch baton?
  16. Actually, no functionality was removed at all. You could still do everything the same as normal, it's just that huge tablet start menu got in the way and made it far too awkward to use. Looking at the group policies, you will be able to disable it in future versions (closer to release), but tbh I could see Microsoft making this difficult and (wrongly) insisting that everyone have the same experience. I just bought a macbook pro. OSX is actually pretty nifty - I've only needed a couple of tools to add a couple of missing features (like snap-to-side), and already I'm pretty happy with it.
  17. Gerard


    That was only ever for a year-and-a-half. I started volunteering in the police whilst I was there, found I enjoyed it more, and am now going full-time. Microsoft was fun, but this is just on another level.
  18. The top-left button in the edit toolbar (looks like a grey lightswitch) turns off that automatic WYSIWYG editing crap.
  19. Gerard


    I'm a cop now. Who'da thunk it.
  20. Wow, a lot of familiar faces here! Any idea what you guys would like to see on here? Gangs coming back? More perks for veterans?
  21. For those who haven't heard, it's officially just Los Santos now; with the mountains/countryside/desert surrounding it. DLC possibility is still there.
  22. Wait... are you suggesting that I run the forum and Chris helps? Ha.
  23. If you googled "Eight Bit Avatar" you'd find the answer.
  24. I think it'd be fun to see those cities appear in DLC. At least that's more than a storyline (TLAD/BOGT) and would be awesome enough for everyone to buy. AND it means the first release has more time to be perfected, instead of trying to rush 2 more cities, or just delaying it more and more.
  25. Wikipedia knows no more information than us. It's just normal people editing a wiki. That's just other people's opinion. The George Naylor thing doesn't appear to be official - there's no announcement.
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