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  1. That was why he called everyone in America (North, Middle & South) "Indians", as he thought they were from India
  2. Didn't he discover South America, and was called Cristobal Colon? You dare mock the name of Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo?! Drew Bledsoe Yep
  3. Howdy!

    How are you?

  4. Much. (Where the hell is Precision?)
  5. ^ Hehe. < Doesnt need a poo, but didnt sleep in whole the bloody night, instead, just slept 2 hours in the morning...I SAW THE DAMN SUN GO UP! V Feels sorry for me.
  6. Hell yeah, I may give a try O.o
  7. ÜBER-BUMP! Damn, I need to raise my post count...And I think my post count-Counting has been banned from the FaG forum
  8. ^ He knows me < IS a sleepy guy v
  9. Why not try with the names of the person's pet(s), if the persoin has got several pet's, I mean...Then we'd have several tries instead of posting once
  10. Yaa-ha! Seriously, when I read that, I screamed "Yaa-Ha!".
  11. (When I wrote that, I was listening to CCR, and couldnt think on anything else, so I bassicaly assosiated everything with CCR o.o) Radio.
  12. Me haz t3h nu desktop Keep On Truckin', certainly to my interests. Forgotten Hope r0x0r your b0x0rs. For any BF 1942 player who doesnt have it, I really recommend it.
  13. Meh, I dont think he likes Boobs...Dont you O.o

  14. HAHA! I already "laughed off" my 3 kidneys to that thing xD
  15. Whats up?? I scared the shit outta 6 year old kid o.o NO-BLOODY-COMMENTS.
  16. OMG WTF iz dis a co1nSIDenZ?!??!!1111//// Interesting find!
  17. Both. OMGWTF me 2 l0L iz dis a c0INc1denZ!?!??!!1111///
  18. W00t, I wont tell you I am a National Sozialist then *Runs* EDIT: 0mg ph4iL. Well I'm Stalin, so I betray my own principles, you can be Hitler but you would be destined to loose. Adolf Hitler lost only because he invaded the Soviet Union, if he never invaded them, and either allied them, or stayed neutral to them, he would have taken over the world. Hitler was one of the best Leaders in history, just as Napoleon, and Alexander The Great. That's why he made a reich
  19. Bump! I also agree with killing other animals for food, thats just in the nature of all the animals, including us. Animal abuse is what I mostly hate, there are also lots of dogs around here...But on the streets, starving to death :/ There are lots of people who kick them, and harm them, etc. I dont even want to think about it. It's also something very hard to stop, as the law dont really cover the Animal Abuse, dont take it too serious, which sucks. The only possible thing, IMO, would be the law that Adolf Hitler put, where animal abuse could give a jail penalty, or whatever it's called.
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