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  1. I've been getting better at this game lately, my k/d ratio went from .84 to 1.05 from learning what to use when. I used to use cb on ALL of my classes, but I've changed it to SP and on one to Danger close. I've tried using ACOG scopes and I really don't like them. I feel like the piece around the actual scope takes up too much space so I've been sticking with irons.
  2. Hahah, so true. They're like a broom. Every woman has one. xD

  3. It's ridiculous huh? Some were having a small meet in a Foodlion parking lot but they were all in the middle of the lot like retards. That, and the majority are all racey like :/

  4. Around here, tC owners are just as bad as Mustang owners. Cocky with cars that don't put out. Slow tC's and Mustangs that handle like bricks. Yum. I just don't like Scion :/
  5. No one is going to send you the game, if that is what you're asking...
  6. Eh, I dunno if its different play styles among the systems, but HBS users usually get a shotgun to the face from me. I've never had a nuke go off in any of my games.
  7. I wouldn't use HBS. It's distracting (to me) anyway. People with the ninja perk can slip past detection with it. Plus ninja is arguably the the best 3rd perk. Bling takes up space for where you could have scavenger / marathon / sleight of hand.
  8. GTA4 The Ballad of Gay Tony. Playing hide and seek with Noru and some other people
  9. Mine is 8, lol. Still working on that bit. I like to be silent but I feel like LMGs are so much better without a silencer. Either that or we hit some lag. I felt like I wasn't mowing the other team down near as fast (I ran into 3 of them.. all three got killed, ahah)
  10. No kill cam on hardcore? Sweet! I didn't know that. So no kill cam + one hit kills on HC? Anything else or no?
  11. Heh, I got a few kills with the UMP in Favela, but not a ton. That's the only map I've played with it on (granted I'm not very good at Favela) and I've came to the conclusion it's really meant for closer quarter combat. I do like it though, I <3 silencer.
  12. I've never used any SMGs, right now I'm working on my class setups. Trying to differentiate them, most of them are nearly the exact same (all 5 lol) I was thinking about throwing an UMP in one of them and trying it out. Is there any little oddball thing I should maybe try out? I'm on level 29 right now
  13. Ahh, I see. I'd like a decent pair but eh. I can't justify the costs. I just unlocked Ninja though, I use it because I absolutely HATE HBS. Cold blooded for thermal and UAV's and anything in the air. I usually use sleight of hand or marathon (depending if I use an LMG or not. It's rare I have to reload one) Am I the only one who LIKES derail? I haven't learned to efficiently clear out the campers paradise in the middle, but I can usually get the first shot off when someone peaks their head out of the power plant. I will NEVER go into the field to the right though. I straddle along the left and come back around.
  14. Yeah, we played on Afghan I was gonna see what's up but your mic wasn't on. What're the odds? haha. I need to change my GT. Make it more pronounceable. I don't talk to people when I can't say their name, lol.
  15. I've heard loads of good things about the UMP. I can't get used to the 3 round burst with the M4A1? and Famas I believe it is? I tend to feather the trigger anyway, so its kind of annoying sending 3 rounds off. I'm still learning the game, I don't always wait til I can get a clear shot (giving myself away, I'm terrible for doing that) and if I don't I run for them. Sometimes getting blasted, sometimes not catching them.
  16. My k/d ratio is 0.86 - .87. I've got off of the LMGs and went to the Scar-H. It works out pretty nice for me. Though, lately a lot of my games I've been getting high kills with high deaths too ;/ I've found a perfect place for sniping on Underpass though. The only thing that kills spots like that is the deathcam, but oh well. Not all people watch it. I think I got 3 kills from sitting there for like 10 seconds. I can't help if people are dumb enough to run out in the open
  17. Yippee ki ay, motherfuckers. First two are a bit blurry.. and I have the same shirt on. Go figure. I'm too lazy to take a decent one xP And ofcourse, I must match Gerard ITT people with beards are now terrorists.
  18. I peak at my K/D ratio, but I don't care about it a whole lot. I still haven't learned the maps that well. I get mauled on Sub base, Rundown, Favela, Afghan, and wasteland. I'm starting to really like Karachi and Invasion. Although I'm starting to figure out on TDM it's all about controlling an area. Like Estate for example. If you've got a good team together and manage to work the mansion, you're golden. At the same time, there's so many different ways of penetration. Grenades through windows, stuns, etc.
  19. I know they say tango sucka, but idk about the rest I just went 35 and 4 TDM in Karachi. I love care packages. Two pavelows in a row. I usually don't get super high kill streaks by myself, I'm pretty sure my highest is 6. So it's super useful to me.
  20. I loved the third one. I mean, after I beat the game I wanted to drive around Portland, that turned out rather difficult. It was epic for when I played it (in 2002.. I was 11, lol.)
  21. I was hoping I'd get to kill Rocco :/ HATED that guy. It was so funny when Brucie hit Mori in the face though and he starts crying like a little girl xD
  22. http://videogames.yahoo.com/events/top-10-games-of-the-decade/top-10-games-of-the-decade/1382595 Grand Theft Auto 3 takes the top spot on Yahoo's video game section. I was reading through it, rather appalled by some of the selections, but I know they got at least one right ;] Pretty nice feeling seeing the game that started this community on top of a list such as this one.
  23. Yeah, I agree with the game being longer part. It felt a little rushed with the main [Niko] protagonist's story being 80+? missions.
  24. Simple answer: No. You can't mod the console versions of the game. We don't offer that kind of support here.
  25. Yeah, like the setup that was a surprise. I thought him and Brian just went and hid somewhere, lol. The diamond deal was well explained with this part. I loved how the just because of ALL the trouble each character went through with them
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