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  1. I just got this like 3 days ago, I found it to be very well thought out. It was my favorite out of the three story lines, especially since it filled most, if not all, the plot holes. I completely hated Mori. I thought Yusif was hilarious and the missions were super fun. I thought the name sounded super familiar from Niko's story line. The union worker thing. Connections were epic. Especially the Bulgarian thing. I was wondering what would go with him and Niko, but looks like he's no longer a problem
  2. I got on today for awhile, I found it super boring :/ may look at trading it for something else. Pretty bad when you don't play a game for 2 weeks + and it's not fun, lol.
  3. I've cleaned up the topic a bit, members have been messaged. If there is any sort of disagreements, take it to PM. I don't want to see arguing in this topic. Thanks.
  4. Nah, I haven't, but I play on 360. I haven't been on in over a week due to finals and stuff. Hopefully I'll be able to get back into this week since I hardly work and have no school.
  5. D2D is kind of like Steam, a little better if you ask me. But he resolved his issue, as shown edited in the first post.
  6. GTA Awards Most Knowledgeable (GTA Portables): Most Knowledgeable (Classic GTAs): Most Knowledgeable (GTA 3 Era): UrbanOutlaw Most Knowledgeable (GTA IV Era): Noru Most Knowledgeable (Modifications): Ryan W Best Member Awards Most Respected Member: Noru Most Respected Staff Member: Spaz Best Forum Boss: Mpilk (I think he's doing a really good job. So is Noru) Most Helpful Member: Huckleberry pie Most Intelligent Member: Chris Best Debater: Highest Quality Posts: Gerard Most Improved Member: Rayboob. Best New Member of 2009: Random Awards Funniest Member: Chris is full of some lulz Biggest Geek: Raybob Most Original Username: Most Missed Member: insane_pyro Member You'd Most Want to Meet: Gerard Creative Awards Best Avatar: Best Signature: Best Graphics Designer: Best Creative Writing: It's late. I'll be finishing this up within the next two days, as I have one of them off work.
  7. Looking great, I'll have to re install San Andreas just for this when it's released
  8. Ahah, I really didn't see it. I hate you all.
  9. Maybe a "most missed"? Since we do have a lot of inactivity and a lot of people have went missing / are rarely seen anymore. Even without that I think it looks nice and simple.
  10. It's kind of fun looking at it for me. I wouldn't exactly judge how good someone is by it, though.
  11. I loveeee when people use scrambler. They're pretty much dead giveaways that an enemy is near. 2+ k/d is really good, to me. But mine is right under .60 so yeah I got killed so much while learning the maps. This is my first CoD game.
  12. Heh, I killed a guy on underpass while in this one entrance shack. So he decides to run in again (I heard him outside...) and gets killed, again. It's pretty funny when people don't learn their lesson I'm not stupid enough to run out when I hear someone that's not a friendly.
  13. Only time I'm moving fast is after a spawn Or if I'm actually working with a group of people. Which is kind of rare, I end up alone :/
  14. I use the L86 LSW more than anything now, absolutely rapes. And pack an AT4 for UAV's and helicopters. I know a lot of people debate the SCAR, but I've never had much success using it. But I've only been only for 3 days now, could be just progressing skill. What do you guys think about camping? I do a minimal amount of it, especially if I'm in say, Terminal. Like if I'm out in the open alone, get a kill, I'll try to run for some sort of cover to take advantage of. Like the kitchen at the burger place. I usually get someone and their buddies coming in there after me, easy kills. Heh. Of course after that I change positions, they know where I'm at and everything. But I never sit in a dark corner in Favela and just WAIT for people to come for minutes. I'm rather excited to unlock the cold-blooded perk though, HBS really irks me. Not saying its not fair, I just don't like it
  15. I finished the game last night, all I have to say is: wow. I'm not going to spoil it for anyone, but that was intense. I started over on Veteran as well. It's somewhat more difficult, some spots I'll get completely owned then actually learn what I'm doing wrong. Could someone explain to me what noob tubing is? And any other terms that a player new to the series may not know.
  16. It's perfectly fine. He's showing us his work, not spam adverting his site. I'd love to see, but it appears he's already removed the link....
  17. Sherman

    My First Car!

    Screeches? Hm. There's all kinds of screeches, lol. Record it. I wouldn't be surprised if the battery is uncharged, it's really not good for a car to sit months at a time like that. I'd have someone drive crank it and drive it around a little once a week or so.
  18. I picked this up yesterday for 45 dorrar. Very well worth it, most intense game I've played. I usually don't enjoy FPS, but this one I love. I'm going to finish up the last mission tomorrow, prolly be online sometime in the near future. I heard there's a lotttt of people on.
  19. Sherman


    Yeah, limited amount of money, hauling stuff in a truck = bad gas mileage already. If it was just my car, I'd be fine
  20. aka, it's always going to equal 9 haha. I remember this from grade school. Funny.
  21. Sherman


    How did you end up in Canada from Raleigh? That's quite a drive. I'm going from ABQ, New Mexico to Winston in a few months, speaking of long trips. I dread driving that.
  22. What kind of CPU are you running? I have that problem on my desktop. If it's a multicore, try limiting the game to running one core only.
  23. Moved this to get more coverage. Sooner I get this done the better
  24. Right now I just need to focus on getting something decent up. If you can work with HTML and have decent photoshop skills, this is for you. PM me for details and please send some of your work with it. No matter who does it, you WILL get credit on the page in an area that will get read. It could end up being a foot in the door if you're serious about graphic design. I promise to make it worth your time. Thanks, Sherm
  25. LOL I so wasn't expecting that. Pretty sweet
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